3-Gun Nation Nationals

This year 3-Gun Nation nationals will be held in the 7th Special Forces Group’s area (Panhandle of Florida).  3GN, Grizzly Targets and RPGi have teamed up to put on 3GN nationals at Southern Tactical Range located in Holt, Florida just about 30 minutes from our compound at 7th. Southern Tactical Range will also host an outdoor expo of sorts with numerous local companies and vendors.  This combined event is templated to bring up to 500-600 people to Southern Tactical’s property.  

This event will mark the seventh iteration of 3-Gun Nation’s championship match since 2009 and feature two days of competitive 3-Gun, vendors, side demos and more. 3-Gun Nation has provided a $100 discount on the match fee for any Military or Law enforcement personnel.  This is extremely important to attract the military shooters from Fort Benning, Fort Rucker, Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, NAS Panama City, NAS Pensacola and more. 

The venue (Southern Tactical Range) features many of the attributes that makes a facility perfect for a major 3-Gun match. Home to the Green Beret Foundation’s 2019 Fallen Heroes 3-Gun Shooting Competition (designed and ran by RPGi).  Southern Tactical has 15 range bays at various sizes, natural terrain and long range options up to 1000 yards – all within a 30 minute drive to the beach town of Destin, Florida. 

Additionally, RPGi training group will be hosting 3-Gun training classes for anyone interested in learning the sport. Training topics include shotgun loading techniques, transitions and gun abandonment, speed reloads and rules of the game. 


– 2 days of competition featuring 8 Courses of fire

– 200 rifle; 250 pistol; 150 birdshot ; 20 slug shots

– 125 – 175 competitors

– Vendor areas and demo areas available

– $100 match fee discount for any Military or LE personel

– Free 3GN membership ($45)

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To learn more about RPGi visit  or email [email protected]

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  1. Brendan Souder says:

    Can’t wait for this to go down!!!!!