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Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly

Unique Mini Balisong Knife Collaboration

This Tuesday September 3, 2019 Terrain 365™ launches their unique Mini-Butterfly knife in collaboration with Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design. A blending of design concepts from Terrain 365 and the CAD and engineering expertise of D Rocket Design, this compact balisong functions just like its bigger cousins in this genre, but in an uncommon size. Signature design details characterize this Mini-Butterfly and adds a new direction in folding knife models to this brand’s line up of products. Smooth bushings, billet pocket clip, and a latch round out the features. This first production run is being offered in the Böhler M390 blade steel.

The Mini-Butterfly will be available first in Böhler M390 stainless steel blades with future runs to also include their Terravantium™ super alloy.


“This basic design concept is actually from the other half of Terrain 365, Patrick Ma. It has his characteristic design language and the original design concept is actually a larger size with a 3.5″ weehawk blade. The concept design was sitting around for a few years and seemed like a great place to start. What is of note here is that we wanted to see how many blades we could cut out of our standard sized Terravantium bar stock. There’s actually quite a bit of waste when cutting larger folder blades and as the material itself is quite costly, we wanted to achieve a maximum yield from the Terravantium. From there we determined the overall working dims of the knife and Darriel Caston was able to integrate the Invictus style blade, adjust and shrink down the original size into the mini size it is now in CAD. Mike has known Darriel for many years and as most of us know, Darriel is a very talented designer in CAD as well as an engineer. Darriel’s skills were ideally suited for turning a concept into an actual working version in this different size or scale.”


Terrain 365™ launches the Mini-Butterfly on their website at 12:00pm PDT, Sept 3, 2019.

3 Responses to “Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly”

  1. Brian says:

    Tons of generic design jargon is thrown around here, but how is it for manipulating? There’s no description of the latch either, which seems to be an obtrusive hooked design.

  2. Never have seen one with a pocket clip like this. Agree with Brian here, I would like to know about the weight distribution and how balanced this is with the addition of a clip and how if (at all) disturbs the manipulation aspects.

  3. Elliott Zmuda says:

    bought the preorder thinking I’d have a new small edc to roll with. I was super excited. it came and boy what a let down. it’s not a mini Bali. it’s a micro Bali. with the knife open it falls short of spanning my palm. i shouldve checked the measurements instead i went by its pictures. who ever modeled the knife for their ads HAS to be a munchin.