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Savage Arms Tests a 200-Year-Old Question: Can One Gun Do It All?

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts –  By sending a single rifle around the country, hunting different animals with different hunters, Savage Arms hopes to answer a question that’s stirred debate in hunting camps and gun clubs for decades: If you could own just one gun, what would it be?

Savage hopes the answer is its “AccuFit” stocked version of its venerable Model 110, and that proof of its versatility is revealed in the “Traveling AccuFit” campaign that starts this fall. You can follow along as the rifle makes stops from Texas to Wyoming and Montana to South Carolina. Follow our story at www.savagearms.com/fitforall.

While Savage Arms does not believe that there is a single caliber to ethically hunt all game animals everywhere, the rifle company does believe that any rifle equipped with the AccuFit Stock is a good place to start for any hunter.

“A hunter’s rifle is the most crucial part of his or her hunting gear,” Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing for Savage Arms, states. “It must be accurate, reliable and built for the long haul. But to bring the most confidence to every hunter when it’s time to take that shot, the rifle must fit them. That’s exactly what we kept in mind when bringing the AccuFit stock to market in 2018. An innovative, accurate, high-quality rifle that’s suited to fit any hunter no matter the situation they are in.”

The Traveling AccuFit campaign takes the concept of “one size fits all” and intends to prove it by sending a single Model 110 Long Range Hunter rifle, chambered in .280 AI, across the United States to hunt multiple species with a variety of different hunters that vary in age, size, and experience level.

One rifle, six regions, seven hunts, and dozens of shooters. Can one rifle really be “fit for all?” Follow along this 2019 season as we set to find out www.savagearms.com/fitforall.

4 Responses to “Savage Arms Tests a 200-Year-Old Question: Can One Gun Do It All?”

  1. William says:

    I have used a Savage model 110 for the past 12 years when I first started deer hunting in the .270 caliber and for my area and I would not change a thing,, unless it is to have the new accu fit stock installed on it !!!
    Great rifle from a great gun manufacturer!

  2. Mark Phillips says:

    I have a 100 year old Savage 1899 in 250-3000 that has already answered the “100 “year old question, it does it all!

    • rob says:

      I have one. My daughter has one. My son will have one. My Dad has a few. Agree 100%. I wouldn’t mind having a 110 though, but the A-Bolt in 270, the Model 70 in .300 Win have filled those niches before the 110 came out…

  3. Charles Puett says:

    12 gauge shotgun: birdshot, game loads, buckshot, rifled slugs. Comes about as close as possible to “doing it all.”