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MDM 19 – Rocky USMC Tropical Boot

The Marine Corps has selected two new tropical boots for use on the jungle. One of them is the Rocky boot.

It features a modernized version of the famous Panama tread outsole, manufactured by Vibram. The sole incorporates a ASTM certified puncture plate and an air-port cushioned footbed.

The upper is a full grain, flesh out leather combined with 1000D Cordura. The leather portion of the upper also features drainage holes to release water and increase breathability.

3 Responses to “MDM 19 – Rocky USMC Tropical Boot”

  1. TominVA says:

    Forgot it was Modern Day Marine time. Haven’t been over in years.

    Boot looks nice but I really wonder how well they drain in the forefoot / toe area. Doesn’t seem like they would. Some toe drainage should be incorporated, like these:

    I wonder if they could do a mod without recompeting?

  2. Moshjath says:

    Is that the same rocky jungle boot that the Army just blessed off on?

  3. Will says:

    I’d like to know what the other style is. While I like the design of the Rocky Boots, they are simply designed very poorly. I spent a short time working for a footwear company, and it looks to me like Rocky does not use an anatomical last. Meaning, the boots are built around straight lines, and not the natural curves of a human foot. Every pair of Rocky’s I’ve ever tried have always been way loose in the upper half. So much so that the eyelets contact one another, preventing me from getting a tight fit. I hope they have improved the construction of these boots before they get issued to Marines.