FLUX MP17 Turns the Army’s M17 into a Holster-able PDW

Shoots like a primary, holsters like a pistol.  Simply drop the M17/M18 fire control unit into the MP17. It also works with the Sig P320™ series of pistols. Costing a fraction of the price of most PDWs, it utilizes a weapon soldiers across the military will be using. Perfect for: Pilots, CQB, Low Profile work, Close Protection, Law enforcement.


Hold 43 rounds – including the spare mag.

Revolutionary suppressor compatible holster works with a variety pistol flashlights and IR devices.  Surefire, Streamlight, Inforce and many more.

Optic Mount works with RMR™,  Delta Point Pro™,  Aimpoint – T1/T2 with pic rail and many more red dots.

QD sling mount

One handed, spring-loaded deployment. Faster deployment than side folders.

Works with Safariland QLS system. Mount the holster to belts, molle, or hard mount inside vehicles or aircraft.

Military and Law Enforcement pricing available.

Contact: [email protected]

9 Responses to “FLUX MP17 Turns the Army’s M17 into a Holster-able PDW”

  1. txJM says:

    These FCU devices just can’t seem to impress me, as they all require the entire slide assembly. They are glorified grips.

  2. Capt M says:

    This looks like the bastard offspring of a CAA Micro Roni and the B&T USW-320. While the FLUX chassis does have a few things going for it, IMHO the B&T USW-320 is the better solution.
    The end result is a more compact, lightweight weapon that also doesn’t look like a kid’s toy. Granted you have to mount your optic to the slide and have it reciprocate, but the M17 is already cut for optics and it’s an issue easily solved with training.

    • B says:

      The optic actually does not mount to the slide. It mounts to the assembly.

    • James says:

      The advantages of this over the B&T are brace and optics options. The brace version is still holsterable . The optics aren’t being battered by riding on the slide, no effect on reliability if you add heavier sight, pic rail option, back-up sights on the M17, and raised sight over bore are all good things.

      • Capt M says:

        If it’s being marketed for the M17/18, I doubt the intended market have a need for brace options.
        There are holster options for USW-320, including ones which fully enclose and protect the optic.
        Modern MRDS optics are reliable enough to withstand being mounted to a slide without serious issues re longevity.
        Increased height over bore isn’t necessarily a good thing.

        Having had hands on time with the USW series, it’s definitely my choice for pistol/PDW conversion.

        • James says:

          It’s being marketed to the civilian market too, plenty of civilian M17’s being sold, but it fits the 320 as well.
          Height over bore is a very good thing in this case.
          Reliability, why are we on second gen RMRs again?
          They’ll sell 3to1 brace to stocked versions, functional compact braces for Glocks are what made them. USW is fine until you put a tailhook on it, which AFAIK is the only brace available. This blows it out of the water in that role.

  3. pojo says:

    Neat idea but looks like you get the bulk and size of a short rifle w/ the capabilities of a 9×19. Although more expensive, i think I would prefer MP7 4.6×30 for this sort of thing if I really needed it..

    • Dude says:

      What rifle is less than 11 inches by 6 inches tall with the magazine in a collapsed yet usable configuration? That weighs less than 3 pounds? That is holsterable? One handed deploy?

      Not saying there aren’t any, but I am definitely curious to know if any others exist.