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MDM 19 – Over Snow Mobility Solutions from Darley Defense

Darley Defense showcased the Ranger snow shoe offered by a collaboration between US-based Serket and Norways’s Fimbulvetr. Seen here with Bogs neoprene boots.

Ranger Features:

B4 Binding™
-Functional, low-profile fit
-Exceptional durability
-Quick and easy operation – even with gloves

Fenris Crampon™
-AISI 316 Stainless Steel bites hard in all conditions

All Direction Hinge™
-Adapts to the terrain
-Reduces strain on ankles and knees
-Improved ergonomics
-Flexible tail adapts to all terrains
-Thermoplastic Elastomer Unibody for incredible strength, durability and smooth weight distribution

3 Responses to “MDM 19 – Over Snow Mobility Solutions from Darley Defense”

  1. G1E says:

    I realize there are many types of snow, the Inuit have 40-50 words for snow and the Scott’s have 421. I have seen these smaller snow shoes come out of England and not trying to be flippant but what conditions would these snow shoes be used in?

    In the backcountry I know larger platforms with tail extensions barely get it sometimes…

    • Lasse says:

      These are Norwegian and work very well in the backcountry with full kit.
      For their size and weight their capabilities are very impressive compared to other more common models or brands.

      • G1E says:

        Appreciate your response, haven’t had the pleasure of Norwegian snow in Winter…yet. I take it a heavier snow or drift crust, I’ll follow up with my Norwegian Acquaintances.
        99th Battalion Separate… respect!