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Improved CADPAT Undergoes Testing in Petawawa

Canadian troops are putting the new CADPAT colorscheme through its paces. DND plans to transition from the current woodland arid shades to a single pattern in the future.

13 Responses to “Improved CADPAT Undergoes Testing in Petawawa”

  1. R711 says:

    Only in Canada do we try to reinvent the wheel. It’s an attempt to make a universal uniform without having to pay Crye. Eventually the CF after spending hundreds of millions of dollars will adapt a Canadianized version of Multicam.

    • Bradkaf308 says:


    • Will says:

      Canada is not alone. The US Army created it’s current OCP/Scorpion pattern years before UCP and even multi cam. It spent billions outfitting they Army with that abortion they called UCP. Once the Army was fully covered in that grey crap, they decided to switch to the scorpion pattern which they had all along.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    It looks nice transitional camouflage. I just hope they keep the two original Cadpat, because they still works phenomenally good. Ditching those patterns is a step back, not forward.

    • JMAA says:

      I believe the intent is to go to the single new pattern to simplify logistics. Seems pretty short-sighted to me.

      As I recall (SSD can you jump in and confirm??) during the last US camo effort a desert digital pattern (AOR I assume) did very well in urban areas. I would imagine CADPAT Arid would perform well too. Given the massive urbanization everywhere it seems really foolish to give up that kind of a performance advantage in a future conflict.

      If we have to go single pattern because of the present procurement system, the system is broken and that’s what needs to change.

      • Philip says:

        It would appear the pendulum is swinging back towards using camo more so for national identity than concealment.

        The majority of camouflage patterns and fabric will likely be rendered obsolete by advances in IR/NVG/Thermal imaging technology in the distant future, if they haven’t been already. It would also be incredibly shortsighted to assume future conflicts will only include industrialized nations against irregular forces equipped with only Cold War era milsurp and outdated or no imaging capability.

        That said, it will be very interesting to see where the development of camouflage utility uniforms goes in response to such advances.

        • SSD says:

          It’s always been to identify forces. If concealment were the real goal, there wouldn’t be any protectionism of certain patterns.

          • JBar says:

            There are so many armies and units running around in Multicam or derivatives, that it could be a mess. If Syria wasn’t such an open area, imagine the confusion. How many private and official troops are there now? I am sure this has been thought of. I would not want to be the guy on the ground having to make split second decisions.

        • Rob C says:

          Going to akin that to saying guided missiles is going to make putting a gun on fighter aircraft useless.


  3. Jack stevens says:

    No no please don’t spend the money on things we actually need.

  4. JBar says:

    If larger patterns tested better for the US4CES series, why not adapt something similar? Is this change just a middle ground for the existing patterns?

  5. Private Bloggins says:

    Fuckin gong show boys.

  6. Alberto S. says:

    Looks like faded out relish Cadpat cammies to me with a little extra brown thrown in for good measure. Should keep the greens for summer/tropical deployments though.