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UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System Available Now

Modular, Adaptive, Quick Release Pack to PC Attachment


Due to user requests for a universal, quick detach/reattach pack to plate carrier solution, the UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System is available for any PALS equipped pack or PC.

September 24, 2019 (Birmingham, AL) — Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC today announced the release of its newest innovation, the UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System. The UPC4 was developed initially for HRE Pack attachment to the most common industry PCs.

The end result, however, is a modular system which adapts to any PALS/MOLLE equipped surface. Additionally, its adjustable quick release points allow fast detachment and simple reattachment.

The UPC4 is a full solution system with modular components.

Shoulder Quick Release Straps

Shoulder Quick Release Straps provide multiple quick release points across the shoulder and plate carrier front.

Its shoulder QR points can adjust to any position along the PC shoulder straps.

Shoulder Quick Release Covers

Shoulder Quick Release Covers provide a simple protective solution to securing cross-shoulder items. With a trifold design and QR pull tabs, removal and reattachment is simple.

Side Quick Release Strap

Side Quick Release Straps provide QR attachment points along the cummerbund that include strap tension adjustment at the ITW QASM buckles. For rear pack attachment, G-Hooks provide a low profile connection that is secure enough for harsh environments, yet detachable without a tool.

Vertical Adapter Locks

Vertical Adapter Locks convert horizontal to vertical PALS rows with a dual row adapter lock that remains in place under heavy load tension. VALs are designed as an adapter and stabilizer, eliminating QASM adapter twisting from single PALS row attachment.

Made in the USA. Berry Amendment compliant. Exclusive production by Zulu Nylon Gear.

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One Response to “UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System Available Now”

  1. Lasse says:

    I made a very similar system back in 2011, but I never liked how the pack pulled the front of the carrier upwards. So I changed it to a simple loop that slides onto the shoulder straps with an SRB that attaches to the top of the pack.

    I’m sure this is more refined, and it is a concept worth exploring for people who sometimes carry a small assault pack.