Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

Batteries Not Included

Security Forces at Minot AFB, in North Dakota conduct an equipment layout.

16 Responses to “Batteries Not Included”

  1. Mash says:

    Idk looks like some BII’s missing. Will need to consult thier shortage annex.

  2. Straight _shooter_p says:

    Love the way they included the MONSTERS!!

  3. Maroon Beret says:

    That’s the Air Farce for you, lying down on the job. Looks like they are missing their mauve colored night gowns and bunny slippers in their equipment lay out. Also looks like they took the Lazy Boy out of the turret which makes that a non standard SF vehicle.

    • Philip says:

      I don’t know any grunt who’s ever declined CAS or a ride on one of our planes to catch a fight somewhere. Just saying. 😉

  4. Baldwin says:

    No amount of spin can erase the look of casualties laying on the ground. Someone in charge thought this was a good idea.

    • bloke_from_ohio says:

      Staring into the sun lying on your back for however long it took to actually take the photo is not a great time.

      Get these troops some operator looking sunglasses!

  5. Wazza says:

    Each sold separately.

  6. Kevlar says:

    It is kind of creepy that they have their eyes closed. I had to download the image to view it full sized.

  7. Joe_K says:

    @ Baldwin

    “Lighten up Francis!”

  8. Marmatt says:

    I think this photo is a good representation of the variability in OCP uniforms. The left uniform is overall more green/tan, and the right uniform is much more brown. I realize that they are all from the same pattern but it reminds me of green and brown variants of ERDL. Is the middle uniform Multicam OCP as opposed to the scorpion pattern?

    • bloke_from_ohio says:

      It is probably fading of the patern more than anything. A lot of folks who had OCPs at the beginning of the transition had them from deployment. There are a lot of Airment running around in faded uniforms. Compared to new stock, the difference can be striking.

      Moreover, the FR uniforms AFCENT has had on their reporting instructions for a few years fade siginificantly faster and completely than the 50/50 NYCO uniforms that are “normal” issue. Folks who have FR OCPs are alowed to wear them in garison as the new uniform is rolled out. Many of of those FR uniforms are “deployment specials” that are sunbleached and were washed in hot water (Kuwait and Iraq don’t have cold water 6 months out of the year unless you refrigerate it).

      The commercial 60/40 Poly/Cotton “real” Multicam “uniforms” fade as bad if not worse than the FR issued uniforms. Airmen are not supposed to wear the Poly/Cotton uniforms or actual Multicam anymore, but it happens. This is exaserbated by AAFES refusing to sell even non-FR uniforms to many members based on prioritizing deployers and select communities from roll out until mid September 2019. Folks got stuck with either having to replace unservicable ABUs with new ABUs, or they had to use the gray market to get OCPs.

      Eventually everyone will wind up in 50/50 NYCO most of the time, and the colors will match a little better.

      When ABUs were rolled out back in 2010, there were multiple manufacturers that had wildly different colors between and within a given lot. It was a mess that makes the above mentioned variation look downright uniform.

      NOTE: The USAF calls its uniforms in the scorpion derived OCP patern ACUs and its older tiger stripe uniform ABUs. As of this writing, many Airmen still call the new uniforms OCPs or less commonly “Multicams.” I chose to use OCP as that termas is more descriptive.

      • Pete says:

        OCP, Scorpion, Multicam, and UCP are all just colorways. The uniform cut and material is the ACU, FRACU, or IHWCU. People call them what they want though. We all know what it means.

    • crackers says:

      Well, I’d guess, and this is without zooming in to look for the black sloop, having seen thousands of yards of this stuff, I’d bet the left is older and used outside, the middle is when Brookwood took over from Duro in making the fabric and the right is scorpion / ocp.