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TacJobs – Marketing Director, U.S. Elite

U.S. Elite is looking for a highly motivated ‘growth hacker’ digital marketer to join our Team here in Hawthorne, NJ. We’re looking for someone with serious entrepreneurial chops and the utmost integrity, who’s excited to 3X growth together. Strong comp and excellent benefits. Read more on our site here. (If interested please send an email to [email protected] – no walk-in’s, phone calls, DM’s etc. please)

As for working at USE…well here’s ‘The Good, The Bad…& The UGLY

The Good:

Great mission, greater purpose, work from values, have fun with crazy people building something special and continually learning and growing. And if you’re into it, meet really interesting (and lethal) people, work out with the awesome beasts at our sister company CrossFit SOAR and blow shit up from time to time – a real blast!

The Bad:

Dealing with the below troublemakers, The Shark & Stella – watch out! 

NJ is definitely an acquired taste – we’re loving it here but for some of our 2A friends the Garden State feels like ‘The People’s Republic of New Jersey’. 


The profanity – oh, the profanity! (We tried to keep Paul’s mouth preoccupied with cheeseburgers & tacos, but that strategy…backfired)

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  1. Zach says:

    That photo is as adorable as anything.