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Night Driving With The Boyz…

This photo was taken by Army Photojournalist, SGT Henry Villarama and posted to his Instagram account.

I took this photo last night while photographing our brigade’s new Army Ground Mobility Vehicles.

I took this photo around 2230. There wasn’t much illumination from the moon and there wasn’t much I could grab from the sky.

I was having zero luck capturing the GMV moving in the night. After a few runs with these guys driving past me at 40mph, I decided to paint the vehicle with the lights from my headlamp.

White light was lame and everyone has seen red light photos. I decided to use the blue. I think it works just fine.

Here are the settings I used to take this photo:

Nikon D500 | 13mm | 7 seconds | f/5 | ISO 4000

My name is Henry Villarama. I’m an American paratrooper, photographer and student of leadership. I am proud to visually articulate the work of our Paratroopers and Soldiers to the world every day. It’s an honor to serve and I greatly appreciate the unique opportunity I have to tell our Army’s story through photography.

Follow SGT Villarama on Instagram instagram.com/villarama_photo

5 Responses to “Night Driving With The Boyz…”

  1. Attack7 says:

    The Herd all damn day!

  2. TominVA says:

    Blue is very cool. Great shot, and well done Henry!

  3. M119A3Doc says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that shining visible light from the side of the road at someone driving 40mph under NODs is probably not the best of ideas?

    • Marmatt says:

      Based on the camera settings, I’m going to guess that the vehicle was standing still. With a 7 second aperture opening a moving vehicle would be a blur.


  4. sobiloff says:

    With an exposure of seven seconds, I don’t think this vehicle was moving when it was photographed.