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Primary Arms Glocktober Built for EDC Giveaway

Primary Arms has launched their Glocktober 2019 giveaway series. Taking place throughout the month of October, Primary Arms Glocktober will see four different lucky winners take home a weapon built by PA and then outlined start to finish in their blog.

Primary Arms says, “This month, we’re kicking off our Glock category with 4 full weeks of giveaways and content. Every week, we’ll be highlighting a new pistol giveaway, each with its own specialized purpose. In addition, we’re launching new exclusives and planning sales later in the month to give you the best bang for the budget.”

See the P.A. Whiskey-5 here.

Parts in Week One’s giveaway include:

Polymer 80 Compact Serialized Frame
POF USA Glock 19 Gen 3 Stripped Slide RMR Ready
Trijicon RM06
-Night Fision Tritium Suppressor Sights
CMC Glock 19 Trigger
-P80 Magwell
-CMC Threaded Glock 19 Barrel

As for the EDC (Every Day Carry) component, Primary Arms explains,

“Carrying a firearm, whether open or concealed, is an act that demands practice, commitment, and—above all—wisdom.

You never know where trouble lies. No amount of cunning or perception can immunize you from the unpredictable. Self-preservation calls for a full toolset, and understanding each tool requires constant practice and preparation. The ideal result is avoiding any need for force application.

If the situation does call for force though, you want to be darn sure that it’s properly applied.

We can’t convey the complexity of self-defense in one blog. As we said, it’s a lifetime skill that relies of the calm, clear mind of its practitioner. That said, we can teach you a bit about setting up a firearm for everyday carry.

Everyday carry (EDC) describes both concealed and open carry of a firearm. While every state has its own laws and regulations, the fundamentals of EDC remain the same. A carried firearm will always be a tradeoff between comfort and performance. Large firearms are better for personal defense but uncomfortable to carry. Compact firearms are easier to carry but compromise on capacity and ballistics. It’s a sun and moon relationship that has no perfect answer.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make an awesome carry pistol.”

Read the article in its entirety and/or enter the contest, here:

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Connect with Primary Arms: @primaryarms on Instagram; /primaryarmsllc/ on Facebook. 

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