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Angstadt Arms Introduces 9mm Blastwave Blast Shield & 3-Lug Muzzle Adapters

Charlotte, NC, (October 15, 2019) Angstadt Arms is proud to introduce the Blastwave 3-Lug QD blast shield and accompanying line of 9mm 3-lug flash hiders and muzzle brakes.

The Blastwave shield from Angstadt Arms reduces concussive forces on the shooter and those nearby by redirecting the blast down-range. It offers quick detach compatibility via the universal 3-lug interface. At just 1.33” in diameter and 2.5” in length, the Blastwave can slip inside most ultra slim handguards, allowing you to extend the length of your barrel when shooting unsuppressed.

The accompanying line of 3-lug muzzle adapters provides the ability to quickly attach a sound suppressor without sacrificing flash mitigation and recoil management when shooting unsuppressed. Featuring a universal 3-lug interface, the Blastwave muzzle devices can quickly interface with any pistol caliber sound suppressor.

Blastwave Key Design Elements
• Blast shield attaches to any 9mm 3-lug muzzle device or HK MP5 style barrel
• Made from hardened steel with a black nitride finish
• Muzzle devices are available in 1/2×28 or 1/2×36 thread pitch
• Blastwave MSRP: $99.99. 3-Lug Muzzle Adapter MSRP: $59.95.

About Angstadt Arms: Angstadt Arms designs innovative weapon platforms for military, law enforcement and responsible citizens. Their flagship UDP-9 9mm AR and sub-machine guns are currently deployed in over 25 countries worldwide.

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3 Responses to “Angstadt Arms Introduces 9mm Blastwave Blast Shield & 3-Lug Muzzle Adapters”

  1. Bradkaf308 says:

    Are these Angstadt Arms 9mils any good? I’m curious.

  2. Jon Demler says:

    Again with weapons leaning on tires!