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AUSA 19 – General Motors Infantry Squad Vehicle Candidate

General Motors displayed their ISV candidate at AUSA.

It’s on the Chevrolet Colorado midsize truck architecture and its ZR2 and ZR2 Bison variants, supplemented with both custom and commercially available parts proven by Chevy Performance engineering in more than 10,000 miles of punishing off-road development and desert racing in the Best in the Desert Racing series.

Powered by a 186-horsepower, 2.8L diesel powerplant and six-speed automatic transmission, the nine man crew is protected by a Roll Over Protection System which serves as a roll bar. It can be stored for air transport.

9 Responses to “AUSA 19 – General Motors Infantry Squad Vehicle Candidate”

  1. Kirk says:

    OK, I have to ask… Is that back seat what we’re using now, instead of waterboardings? Is it a new nonjudicial punishment methodology?

    Because, I’m here to tell you, any seat behind a rear axle like that on a vehicle like this…? That is not a fun ride. Not in any way, shape, or form.

  2. TominVA says:

    I dunno. It’s a tough requirement. I get the feeling a solution like this is too inflexible, that in the real deal there will be a struggle to load ammo, chow and water one way and wounded the other. I see those seats getting ripped out.

  3. Kyle Kata says:

    IDK about this thing, but the ZR2 Bison is probably the best small truck on the market right now, do want.

  4. rob says:

    …but, GM’s on strike…..

  5. EODMadBomb says:

    I love the inclusion of the Pioneer Tool Kit! Very, “Old school”; you don’t see it much any more.

  6. Mick says:

    WHere does the 9th guy go?
    I see four in the “cab” area
    Two right over rear axle, facing 6 oclock
    Two on very rear facing 3 oclock/9 oclock…
    …that’s eight guys.

    One more in a turret, maybe, that’s currently covered in rucksacks?

    • Mick says:

      Ah, googling further images shows the “back seat” in the cab area has room for three; so from driver to tailgate is 2-3-2-2 = 9.

      Joes are all going to be arguing over who called “no bitch” first when it’s time to mount up.