NP Aerospace Body Armor Awarded NIJ 0101.06 Compliance

Global armor manufacturer, NP Aerospace, has been awarded Notification of Compliance from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for two of its Level III+ Lightweight Body Armor Plates.

The LASA LWB III+ IC06 Lightweight Buoyant Hard Armour Plate and LASA LWA III+ 109 IC06 Lightweight Hard Armor Plate are both now certified to NIJ 0101.06 by the governing body that oversees performance standards and testing for ballistic armor. Both have been certified in conjunction with soft armor.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, comments: “Body armor plates are critical to protecting our military and law enforcement personnel and therefore the way we undertake our ballistic testing is central to our manufacturing processes and something we take very seriously. Having NIJ compliance for our Level III+ plates is part of a bigger strategy to grow our law enforcement business in North America. It allows us to take our well-established military products into a sector which is demanding increased levels of protection.”


The LWB III+ IC06 plate delivers ultra-lightweight multi-hit protection against NIJ Level III and special threats and is positively buoyant. The LWA III+ 109 IC06 plate also stops ‘Green Tip’ SS109 ammunition.

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3 Responses to “NP Aerospace Body Armor Awarded NIJ 0101.06 Compliance”

  1. Ethan Hunter says:

    I’ve seen plates from these guys in theater. Crazy light for what they claim to stop – almost felt fake to be honest. Has anybody seen them get shot or tested? Must work well if they are NIJ certified.

  2. Sawyer Lawrence says:

    Their products are interesting, innovative, and lightweight, but they lack a US distributor for most of their products. Looking at the CPL it looks like TYR tactical sells some, but not all of their lineup. I would love to have their LASA Covert plate, but no US sellers. Even these new models that just got American certification seem to be unavailable within the US.