LA Police Gear Terrain Flex Jeans

If you’re looking for value, check out the Terrain Flex Jeans from LA Police Gear. Made from stretch denim, they incorporate rear mag pockets, a hidden handcuff key pocket and hidden knife clip reinforcements.

Available in two fits (slim and straight) and two washes (dark and medium). Sizes 28-42 waist and 30, 32, 34, and 36 inch lengths.

They are also a smoking deal at under $30 a pair.

4 Responses to “LA Police Gear Terrain Flex Jeans”

  1. Sean Frank says:

    I tested these pants and I really like them. They look good on me and they are comfortable. They work well with IWB holsters since the waist can stretch. This is not an impartial comment since I work with LAPG. I generally hate jeans but these I can actually wear out to bars or dinner comfortably and the wife says they look good. THere are 4 styles. 2 fits (straight and skin) and 2 washes (medium and dark). You can find them all in our LA Police Gear brand pant section. Here is a link to the straight leg medium wash

  2. Geoff says:

    “Pew pew” on the inside of the fly? Really?

  3. ferris209 says:

    They look nice, but the big turn off for me is the thick seam on the inside of the thigh like Levi’s, I prefer that thick seam to be on the outside of the leg like on Wranglers. I don’t know why so many jean companies do this, that thick seam highlighted by the gold stitching, seems like it ought to naturally be on the outside of the leg and not rubbing inside the legs. JMHO.

  4. Roger says:

    Just bought a pair of the dark slim leg. Great deal if they are good pants. Will see how they fit.