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Ellsworth & Co – Tropical Mesh Sock

At Modern Day Marine I ran across something different, socks of a new construction to be exact. Since then, I’ve worn a pair of their new Tropical Socks on several occasions, and I really like them.

Ellsworth uses a V Channel construction in the sole of the sock which is a 3-Dimensional design of knit-in Vapor Channels, offering sweat a path of least resistance to escape from under the foot. This they say, will help resist the formation of blisters. They’ve combined this with a mesh upper and non-slip top so they won’t fall down.

You can see in the photo below how distinctive the V Channel is compared to standard nap.

Here’s a video of a dye test they use to show how the sock moves moisture.


3 Responses to “Ellsworth & Co – Tropical Mesh Sock”

  1. Lawrence says:

    This is interesting, but it means that all that sweat went right into the running shoe. Not sure that is the best result.

    • SSD says:

      Where should it go?

    • Instructor Turbo says:

      What the hell kind of comment is that? Where exactly is the sweat supposed to go? Did you think about this before you posted it?

      Also, that’s some fuxxing triumphant music playing in the background for a sock commercial, lmao…