Please Support Roz V

Roz V has been in the tactical industry for years and recently struck down from complications arising from a surgery to deal with Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease. She is currently in a coma and needs your support. Many of her friends and family have come to her aid. This post is to inform those of you who know Roz but have met yet heard about her plight.

Her close friend Angie T, who many of you also know, has created a GoFundMe campaign to help with the unexpected bills which will arise over the next few weeks. Please help.

14 Responses to “Please Support Roz V”

  1. Lad says:

    This is awful to read. I sincerely hope she can get fight through it.

    The best way to come to her aid, and the aid of everyone else fighting such awful diseases, is to support universal, single-payer healthcare.

    • SSD says:

      Even if there were such a thing (and no, the US can’t afford it at a $21 TRILLION price tag for mediocre care on par with Tricare) there would still be other costs associated with an illness such as this including lost pay, travel, etc.

    • Richard Knowzz says:

      That is just ridiculous. Half of this country’s healthcare is already government provided and it’s a shambles.

  2. TKS says:

    As a retired military doctor of 29 years. DoD medicine is government medicine, is socialized medicine. You DO NOT want that! As a military doctor we always had the private hospitals and doctors to back up our inadequate care system. Promotions, ie., pay raises come not from good patient care but from being a good butt kiss bureaucrat! Think of the DMV running your health care??

    Sad to have a medical tragedy used as a leap to a political comment??

    I hope Roz V recovers and has a good health care
    Team to support her

    • Lad says:

      I come from another Western country where survival does not depend on how many friends with blogs can bring attention to one’s GoFundMe.

      It’s not meant to be political, it’s just mind-blogging to anyone else that healthcare depends on a GoFundMe.

      The fact that DoD healthcare sucks isn’t a proof that universal healthcare sucks. It’s a proof that DoD healthcare sucks. It works everywhere else in the western world (and even some third-world/developing countries!)

      I’m sorry if you feel like it’s drawing away from Roz, but if situations like this where people (real people!) have to beg for money on the internets don’t make people realise it’s wrong, I don’t know when else to remind that to people.

      • SpankDaddyCool says:

        I never met Roz, and hope she has a recovery. Auto-immune conditions are the least understood by the medical community. You’d be better off with AIDS and early cancer detection than an auto-immune disease.

        Thats being said insurance plans have deductibles, a max payout. The GoFundMes are for relatives hotel expenses, food expenses, time away from work, etc. At the worst they are to help people who didn’t bother to have health insurance.

        • Alpha2 says:

          “Healthcare” is health business here in the states. You can have what is considered to be excellent insurance and still pay through the teeth. My Pops who has a very good health plan, retired thru the fed gov’t, just had a couple of minor procedures done, angioplasty and stents in his left leg. Insurance was billed nearly 100K…they paid half that and with max payment made he still owed the provider 4 grand at the end of the day.
          I would say these “gofundme’s” are for people in need not only for lodging, missed work etc. but for the outrageous charges of these medical professionals who many seem to get into not to help, but to get wealthy. This is out of control. Rant over.

          I do not know Roz but I truly hope that she makes a full recovery. My heart felt thoughts and prayers are with Roz and her family and friends.

          • Papa6 says:

            Alpha2 –

            Please don’t blame the medical professionals. Being a physician is the only career in the US where actual salaries and take-home pay has decreased in the past few decades. Becoming an American physician is the most difficult and expensive career path one can take. The majority of physicians in the US are actually financially worse off than they were just a few years ago.

            Americans have the best medical care in the world. We just have one of the worst pays for paying for it. Trust me, my family and I have experienced other healthcare services. In Germany, for example, there are two separate and definitely not equal groups. The first group is those who utilize the government healthcare. The wait lists for truly basic services, test and procedures is horrendous. Sometimes well over a year. We knew of one person who had to wait over three years for scoliosis repair even though they were having major medical problems associated with it. If one is hospitalized, you are in a ward with 4-6 other patients and usually one nurse taking care of all of them. Then you have the other small percentage of Germans who have private insurance; they have private rooms, individualized attention from nursing staff, even better food. My wife sent one patient to a German hospital for a surgical problem that the Air Force could not treat locally. Her patient bumped several other people out of line because she had “good” private insurance; TRICARE! Her roommate, in recovery, had the exact same problem and had been waiting over a year for surgery. So much for the vaunted socialized system where all are treated the same!

            The real culprit in the “medical crisis” is Medicare and Medicaid. These two entities have the typical government “lowest bidder” complex. They do not reimburse fairly or equitably, if at all. They are driving down reimbursement and the private insurances follow their example. it’s the disconnect between the cost and all the bills your dad received. You don’t see the huge amounts that the physicians and hospitals have to “write-off” knowing it will never be reimbursed.

            My wife has been in private practice for 1.5 years now (after 9 years in the Air Force and 3 years working for the local hospital) and she has still not received any reimbursement from Medicaid. Our next step is to get a lawyer, who specializes in Medicaid physician reimbursement issues, to try and get some of the money she is due. This of course will cost us money to accomplish.

            I don’t mean this response to belittle or demean you. I simply want everyone to know how bad the insurance companies are taking advantage of us. It’s just that Americans are addicted to insurance. We think, since we pay these ridiculous amounts of money every month to our insurance company that every thing should be free. Remember, the Affordable Care Act was written by the insurance companies with basically no physician input. I don’t claim to have all the answers to our insurance problems here in the US. The one thing I do know is that there are not enough physicians in the debate. The vast majority of people become physicians to help their fellow man, not fight with endless bureaucracies or get into politics.

      • David says:

        “It works everywhere else in the western world (and even some third-world/developing countries!)” -Lad

        By “works” you mean IF the powers that be decide they will treat your, or your loved one’s, illness you might be lucky enough for it not to get worse or even die from it waiting for the care that’s politically conveniently to never be called the rationing it is.

        But it “works” because the government that taxes you to run it tells you so…right. Stop pushing political slogans and talking points, and either donate to help or don’t post.

      • SSD says:

        Yeah, that communism in Russia and North Korea, that wasn’t REAL communism.

      • Gear Guy says:

        Lad, thanks for distracting everyone with your socialist single payer healthcare agenda. This also has absolutely nothing to do with DoD healthcare.

        I have known Roz for a long time and she is one of my favorite people. Her friends and family would not be asking for help if it wasn’t needed. Now please just go away, so we can help to support a wonderful woman and her family.

      • Nicole says:

        Her survival is not dependent on this Go Fund Me but her families well being could be effected as she is unable to earn an income at this time. Also, most insurance only pays 80% while the family is left covering the balance. With so many days in the ICU, and who knows how many more, this can bankrupt the average household. This isn’t a place for political comments. Support or don’t support, but negativity isn’t going to help anyone.

  3. Leopold says:

    Awful that it needs fundraising to help any person in our country…

  4. SecondGradeMath says:

    All you communists feel free to:

    A. Practice what you preach by giving someone who needs it your hard-earned money

    B. Take you communism back to North Korea and shut the fuck up while starving