SIG SAUER Forms Defense Product Management Team

Through continuous product innovation, and significant investment in research and development SIG SAUER continues to expanded its reach into the military, law enforcement, and defense markets both domestically and abroad.

Recently SIG SAUER formed a dedicated Defense Product Management Team, exclusive to expanding the reach of SIG SAUER within the military, law enforcement, and global defense markets. Made up of existing SIG employees, this new group is headed by Robby Johnson, Vice President, Product Management – Defense.

It’s official, Robby Johnson is a VP.

This team’s focus is exclusively on the advancement of SIG SAUER defense products across all product categories under the SIG SAUER umbrella, with a heightened focus on the Next Generation Squad Weapons and machine gun programs.

Most of the team members are in this photo taken with me during a recent visit to SIG Academy.

SIG SAUER has always been dedicated to the growth and development of defense products which has resulted in the award of several high profile contracts and awards including the US Army MHS Program with the M17 and M18 handguns, the SDMR optic with the TANGO6T optic, and the 716 rifle contract with India.

A peak inside SIG CEO Ron Cohen’s office with me holding his new favorite gun, the 338 Norma Mag machine gun.

The attitude around SIG is a little different than what I’ve seen in past years. For instance, during a recent visit to the company’s New Hampshire Headquarters, CEO Ron Cohen referred to SIG as a defense company. He caveated the statement by pointing out that they didn’t just specialize in military or LE equipment, but that they also concentrated on personal defense. But the point was made; SIG SAUER keeps winning contracts, and rightly so. They not only offer pistols, rifles, and now machine guns, but they also manufacture suppressors, optics and ammunition. No other small arms producer in the US has that much capability and can compete in so many areas.

Indian Army Rifle test ammo manufactured by SIG.

SIG’s Government Product Management Team leverages other parts of the company to make these wins happen. For instance, when they were competing for the Indian Army Rifle Contract, the team turned to SIG Ammo to manufacture cartridges to the same spec used by the customer. That cut out the delay of trying to obtain contract ammo. When SIG’s guns showed up at the trial, they knew the rifles would function. Such interactions occur on a daily basis. During my visit, they were building machine guns for an upcoming evaluation.

I expect to see a lot more from this team as they concentrate on NSGW and the 338 NM machine gun.

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  1. Strike-Hold says:

    That .338 Norma Mag machine-gun is a big beasty.

  2. Variable556 says:

    Does anyone know who makes the waffle pullover Cohen is wearing in the second photo?