Qore Performance Leverages MOLLE to Expand IcePlate’s Use, Creates the Most Durable Hydration System on the Market

McLean, VA: In August 2019, Qore Performance released IcePlate Curve, the most innovative water bottle to date. Shaped and curved like a medium ESAPI plate, this wearable hydration reservoir integrates seamlessly into a user’s kit and provides unprecedented cooling and warming capabilities, protecting users from extreme environmental conditions. Its slim profile and multi-curve geometry make it the lightest and most versatile 1.5 L hydration reservoir on the market.

Now, with the IMS Flex and IcePlate MOLLE Combo, IcePlate Curve can be used as an amazingly flat, super strong replacement for traditional bladders with no compromises.

While IcePlate Curve easily attaches to a plate carrier using quick-release straps, some IcePlate Curve customers saw additional ways to integrate IcePlate into their kit. “We started to get daily requests from end-users who wanted to use IcePlate as a replacement for their external hydration reservoir, and preserving the MOLLE field on the Plate Carrier for all applications was a huge priority. Creating IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve (IMS) Flex was a quick step after that,” says Qore Performance Co-Founder & CEO Justin Li.

IMS Flex features include:

-No-Fail External Mounting: mount heavy tools (AT4s, Base Plates, etc.) on your hydration source without rupture concern
-Lightest-in-Class Hard Cell Hydration: combine IMS Flex with IcePlate Curve for optimized water carry and the thinnest hydration solution on the market
-Durable and Practical: rugged 500D Nylon construction features six full rows of MOLLE. Full three row MOLLE Loop field for identification measures 8.5″ w x 3″ h. Compatible with all MOLLE Plate Carriers
-Easy Access: bottom-loading design features YKK Zipper, allowing for quick IcePlate change-out and a tight, secure fit.

Great news for original IcePlate customers: IMS Flex is backwards compatible with all prior generations of IcePlate.

IMS Flex is currently available exclusively on in licensed MultiCam® and Coyote Brown; additional colors are expected over the next few months. The IcePlate MOLLE Combo can also be purchased on the website and includes an IMS Flex and IcePlate Curve. “Wearing IcePlate in the IMS Flex means the elimination of ruptured bladders, no wasted MOLLE fields, and finally sitting up comfortably while securely wearing your hydration reservoir in a vehicle. It’s the lightest, toughest, flattest solution available.”


8 Responses to “Qore Performance Leverages MOLLE to Expand IcePlate’s Use, Creates the Most Durable Hydration System on the Market”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Wait a minute. I thought the idea behind ice plate was to wear it between your plate and body to pull heat out of your core. Now the reservoir is going on the outside of the plate? Can someone clear that up?

    Regardless of location, I would want to see some lab data on shooting the plate with liquid on either side and resultant effects on the person wearing it.

    • dChen says:

      The hydration pouch is more for people that want a hydration source that won’t get crushed under a pack, not so much focusing on using it for cooling/heating.

      Personally wish they used more laser cut material in lieu of sewn-on webbing to save on weight. Still plan on picking up an IcePlate and this pouch at some point.

    • You are spot on – the original idea behind the IcePlate was and still is to conductively cool/heat your core. However, about two years ago we started to get tons of requests from various users who wanted to wear it on the outside of their PCs (more detail in the article above) because of how strong IcePlate and IcePlate Curve are compared to legacy bladders. In fact, the idea and concept of the IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve belongs to a customer.

      As for ballistic testing, water is actually an amazing ballistic material/medium because it is incompressible and not combustible. Here are some links to the tests:

      More detailed tests and full, uncut videos on our YouTube Channel.

  2. Ray Forest says:

    Does anyone really wear these? Seriously curious. I’ve never seen them in operational use. I think the idea is good but I always questioned the extra thickness. Folks get bent about .50” plates vs 1” plates. 2.5” plates don’t thrill me at all.

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    Hmm. If you mix the water with 14% (by weight) sawdust, then freeze, you should get Pykrete (Google it), and that might make a pretty good ballistic plate right there…