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REFT Field Ops Reference Nalgene Bottle

RE Factor has combined the classic 32 oz Nalgene water bottle almost everyone carries with an aide memoire overprint consisting of a 9 Line MEDEVAC Request, MIST Repots, SALUT/SALT Report, RED (Risk Estimated Distance), WARNO and OPORD.


5 Responses to “REFT Field Ops Reference Nalgene Bottle”

  1. Adamn says:

    Great idea, as usual from REFT. Few pieces of laminated paper less to carry if you prefer Nalgene over a bladder. Harder to loose than a piece of paper too. Just don’t loose your water bottle.

  2. Kilo Sierra says:

    High use/wear bottles loose the print – could this be laser engraved?

  3. d says:

    I dig it.

    As far as the print wearing off, I think this could be great for a new soldier/ new leader as a daily use item. You could be constantly reading/studying what’s on the bottle and by the time it wears off, you’ve got it memorized and you still have a bottle.

  4. Karlito says:

    If you’re really worried about it rubbing off just buy some clear wrap and wrap it.

  5. Chris says:

    To prevent the print from wearing off, one could always wrap the bottle with some 3M paint protection wrap.