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The Remington Model 700-CP ARMBRACE

Huntsville, AL – Engineered for drilling big game, varmints, steel silhouettes and targets from a couple football fields away.  Built around the Remington 700 bolt-action and chassis system, the Model 700-CP gives hunters and shooters an accurate and compact platform for backcountry hunting and long-range competition where the targets may be set at 300, 500, 700 yards and beyond.  The legendary Model 700 action provides the industry’s fastest lock time (2.5to 3.0 milliseconds), which minimizes the effects of shooter movement meaning greater shot-to-shot consistency.  Bringing Remington bolt-action pistols to the modern age, the Model 700-CP’s Remington Chassis comes equipped with a collapsible SB Tactical arm brace and a M-LOK free float handguard.  The forged aluminum chassis is lightweight, extremely durable and allows for AICS pattern detachable magazine and many accessories.

Key Features
• Remington 700 Action
• Light contour carbon barrel, Cerakote black
• 10.5” barrel (.300BLK) 
• 12.5” barrel (.308 WIN/6.5CM)
• Over-sized bolt knob
• Threaded barrel (5/8 x 24 TPI) with thread protector
• M?LOK Compatible Free Float Tube
• SB Tactical SBA3 Arm Brace, collapsible
• 10 round Magpul AICS pattern magazine (.308WIN/6.5 CM) or 10 round MDT magazine (.300BLK)
• One-piece cantilever Picatinny optic rail
• X Mark Pro adjustable trigger, set from 3.5-5 lbs at the factory

8 Responses to “The Remington Model 700-CP ARMBRACE”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Funny I was just watching InTange TV where they chromed the 12” G3 and it lost 2/3 of its velocity compared to the 17” model. It has way less velocity than the 7.62×39. I see it in .300 suppressed but not sure about 7.62.

    • John says:

      You didn’t watch that video very closely lol. they took it to an 8.5″ barrel, and they didn’t lose anywhere near 2/3 of its velocity (though it did lose a lot, but 2/3 is insane exaggeration). They also shot a lighter bullet out of the X39 for the comparison.

      • Nate says:

        that’s not even playing with loads either (I am assuming, as I have not watched the video). Start handloading with some fast burning powder and its even less of a difference.

  2. Geoff says:

    How the hell are you supposed to run the bolt if it’s secured to your arm via the brace? This is next level stupid.