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SHOT Show 20 – Strike Industries

Strike Industries is introducing a P320 grip module. Above you can see the basic module along with a fore end, but there are several things you can add including a butt stock to this modular design.

The basic Grip Module also allows you to mount a red dot sight so it isn’t moving with the slide during each shot.

10 Responses to “SHOT Show 20 – Strike Industries”

  1. Like Flux, only not as good and not original. Does Strike Industries make anything that they don’t copy from someone else? Not trying to be an ass but these guys just seem to copy others innovation.

    • Luke says:

      I don’t know, I’d say this has as much in common with the flux as the flux has to the endo…perhaps even less since both endo and flux are limited to glock.

      This obviously has a lot more stock options and non-reciprocating red dot is another big difference, I’d even say this has more in common with the Roni style chassis then flux or endo.

      • Toby Melville says:

        Luke, brother, you missed my point and have not looked back several years. There is a history of copy cat production. To be fair it is not just Strike that does this, there are a few others that make a living on other’s innovation. I do not hate or even have ill will. I have seen first hand how others either walk on the backs of others directly or take a stand for innovation and originality. Invent something, put years into your creation, proof it, put your name and money behind it, and then tell me how it is not its, not a big deal when someone constantly steals your ideas. It will happen no doubt but those with integrity choose a different path. Oh, the Flux system is not just Glock, it is also Sig too. BOTH FLUX AND STRIKE ARE MARKETING SIG. Strike is not a marketing Glock. Just say’n.

        • Yawnz says:

          “There is a history of copy cat production.”

          Bruh, the dude just pointed out the differences. If there are differences, can you really claim “copy cat production”?

          You gonna go give Chrysler shit because they “copied” Ford? What about all polymer frame pistol manufacturers other than Glock? Maybe all the companies out there making notebook paper?

      • Payce says:

        Dude, it’s like the Great Value version of the MP17 from Flux.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    This is going to get snapped up by all the people who called the Flux stupid when they really loved it but can’t afford it.

  3. Bruce Jado says:

    @Toby Melville
    “Does Strike Industries make anything that they don’t copy from someone else?” Toby, Show something to us! Not just yelling! Point out what patents they infringed! Show us some proof!

  4. Mark says:

    If the Strike design is a blatant copy of anything, then it is clearly the Halo 2 SMG, from 2004!

  5. Mike292 says:

    What does it matter who copied who. Very rarely are ideas that new or innovative. At the end of the day who cares. If people want to buy it they will. To be honest I’m inclined to buy one as a toy but then again with it being Strike Industries it will never be in stock anyway.