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SHOT Show 20 – Tardigrade Industries’ OCELLUS Armored Eyewear

Tardigrade Industries‘ OCELLUS line of Armored Eyewear is amazing. They showed is an early version and they’ve come a long way. They have met STANAG body armor rating for frag as well as other threats.

They’ve vastly improved the form factor to something more akin to a low profile goggle than the SCUBA mask-like earlier version. One of the next steps is integration of an Rx insert.

8 Responses to “SHOT Show 20 – Tardigrade Industries’ OCELLUS Armored Eyewear”

  1. Chalky says:

    Those are Ranger goggles on steroids… I need them!

  2. Loopy says:

    For a second I thought those were Oculus VR goggles.

  3. Well says:

    Great product – just hard to imagine a real use.
    Face Visors protect way more surface area – but weight ridiculous much.

    But if you need STANAG rated protection for your eyes, what do you wear for your face, neck and lastly as shell for the head? What is the scenario or thread protecting against?

    Mhh…. I want that glasses because of their swag, I just see no real benefit of it.

    • SSD says:

      You miss the point. They are offering the same level of protection as a visor.

    • Kris says:


      Thanks for replying. Ill try to keep this short.

      The goggles are the same weight and size as a standard issue goggle which is set on a fragmentation standard of 770 FPS. The face visors are great and a step in the right direction, but yes they are super heavy and very wonky to look through.

      If you research the recent IHPS program, its been a point of interest that maxillofacial protection is a real need. There hasn’t been any acceptable light weight protection that gives your eyes the same as the rest of the head. The real point is the protection level is the same fragmentation as a combat helmet.

      I believe that we have helped to solve a major issue. The amount of data to eye injuries is staggering. Over 26 billion dollars was spent on ocular injuries and according to Walter Reed, around 40% of this is directly related to combat or IED.

      The real benefit is matching the standard of protection, which in my opinion is most important tool on the battlefield, by providing a system with the same weight as the original standard.

      Thanks for posting, I remain available to answer any questions.

  4. Seamus says:

    This is the first step toward Storm Trooper helmet

  5. Joe says:

    The thing with all goggles is fogging.

    You can put cat crap in them, you can install miniature venting fans, whatever you do, they are going to fog up the second you need to see what you’re tryna kill.

    • Jared says:

      Fogging is definitely an issue in goggles. That is why the Ocellus will come with a true Anti-fog Technology (which is currently only used in a few products but not in standard issue products). To this point there is nothing that would work as you explained above. This technology was developed in the safety world and is slowly moving into Military and Tactical Eyepro. It is bonded into the the Lens and is the only permanent application proven in the market.