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Terrain 365 – Otter Slip Joint

Modern, Technical Iteration of the Classic Barlow Pattern


This Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 Terrain 365™ launches their Otter Slip Joint pocket knife. A technical iteration of the classic Barlow knife pattern that is equally at home in the water or on land, just like its animal namesake. Featuring their rustproof, edge holding Terravantium™ blade, titanium liners, unique vintage type (titanium) lanyard bail, dive watch grade 316 SS hardware, bronze bushings, and 5 handle options. The Otter Slip Joint is a highly useful, practical, and resilient daily performer. A refined, capable EDC folder that requires very little maintenance, and a blade that is free from rust and corrosion for life.

The Otter Slip Joint will be available in full titanium handles, carbon fiber scales, and 3 options in G10; Black, Marine Gray (a unique color inspired by a factory color scheme for vintage Land Rovers), and the OD Green G10 variant as an exclusive to Prometheus Design Werx.

The team at Terrain 365 states,

“The Barlow pattern is one of the most enduring classic slip joint models ever created. Its appeal is in its simplicity, pragmatism, and usability. We looked to this great classic to create our own modern version. One of the unique carryovers is the lanyard bail where a leather wrist thong or knotted lanyard can be attached. The Otter Slip Joint is an all around pocket knife for everyday carry, updated with technical, modern materials, precision machined parts, and a legacy design distilled down to its core characteristics that is utterly relevant today as it was when first introduced in 1670. The dual nail nick grooves makes this slippie truly ambidextrous and can also can be opened by pinching. The Otter is well suited for EDC, the trail, and because of the slip joint construction with its 3” blade can be carried without hassle in many EU countries.”


Terrain 365™ launches the Otter Slip Joint on their website Wednesday, January 29th, 2020.


3 Responses to “Terrain 365 – Otter Slip Joint”

  1. rob c says:

    Whats the watch?

  2. Thulsa Doom says:

    Nice homage to Operation Mikado