10 Year Anniversary for MATBOCK

WOW! Where has 10 years gone?!

One shared idea to fix a nuance in a day to day operation during their active duty careers led Sean Matson & Zach Steinbock to finally start MATBOCK (a title that combined their last names) on 29 January 2010. Sean and Zach were fully committed to their active duty careers as Navy SEAL Officers, but saw opportunities to build a company that could assist operators to get their ideas from “paper to production” while changing the norm of the defense and tactical sewing industry. They believed that too often, companies were just duplicating other successful products. MATBOCK wanted to instead innovate.

From their best selling product the LIFT System to one of their newest products the GraverobberTM line, many of their products indeed change the paradigms of inferior competitor products.

But, they haven’t always hit home runs. The MATBOCK Backhand GPS Carrier that was released in 2012. It was a product that they thought was innovative but did not turn out to advance the industry. Accepting responsibility respectfully, MATBOCK refunded all the orders and took the product off the market. It was a learning experience that a solidified their position to bring innovative products to the market.

You may ask yourself why MATBOCK now offers pouches and plate carriers that really do not seem to be innovative? This is where looks can be deceiving! The innovation can be found upon further inspection. Their innovative material, named Ghost, is stronger than 1000d Cordura ® and despite being waterproof, still transfers heat faster than other material commonly used for plate carriers. The thermo-dynamics coupled with the laser cut molle acts like a radiator to cool the operator quicker. Not to mention their tab system!

MATBOCK became MATBOCK Origins, their holding company, in 2016. MATBOCK Operations became their main operating company ( This restructuring allowed for greater flexibility and helped them refine each company’s mission. Under MATBOCK Origins, they have started Strike Force Energy (, Aceso Plasma (, and Kardax Solutions.

The MATBOCK team is in great position for continued success into the next decade and beyond because they insist to continue to produce quality, innovative products and to provide impeccable customer service.

3 Responses to “10 Year Anniversary for MATBOCK”

  1. Stuart says:

    Well done Zach and Sean,

    Glad to be working with you

  2. CAPT Jake says:

    Rah Virginia Mil! HooYah!

  3. Chris Miller says:

    Well done! Congrats and as always; thank you for serving and continuing to give back! It’s been amazing to watch your hustle, dedication, success, and contributions to keeping our military heroes safe, and protected with your inventions and innovations!