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Mystery Ranch Updates Rip Ruck Packs for 2020

During last week’s Outdoor Retailer Snow + Winter Market, Mystery Ranch introduced updated versions of their Rip Ruck Packs. The military pack design cues are obvious. The main feature, the ability to rapidly access the main compartment by “ripping” up on the flap remains, but now the accessory pockets (when present) are easier to access thanks to the Fidlock magnetic buckles which replace the side release on the old model.

Offered in 32, 24 and 15 liter models (top photo to bottom), the packs feature an updated molded foam framesheet.

Another new feature is the large Velcro field on the main flap with the integrated Mystery Ranch logo.

The 15 liter model seen below doesnt have the two external pockets.

Coming later this year from

8 Responses to “Mystery Ranch Updates Rip Ruck Packs for 2020”

  1. Nicks87 says:

    The only mystery is: Why are these bags so expensive? I have a Jansport back-pack that is 25 years old and it still works great. For $550 I can pay someone to carry my s**t for me!

    • Joe says:

      Your Jansport was not built to do the things a $500, made in USA, BERRY-compliant military pack is expected to do. Apples to blueberries.

    • JJFS says:

      The packs featured in this article do not cost $550… The 32L version will be around the $250 mark. You’re whining about something that is factually inaccurate.

    • Geoff says:

      The yoke on my MR pack is worth more than your Jansport.

    • Egg D Roll says:

      The mystery lies in why ppl are clueless to the costs of manufacturing
      Instead of bitching, set up your own brand

  2. DJax says:

    When one fully understands Load Carriage Feasibility, transfer of energy and reduction of bounce across all points of contact on the human body, they can charge whatever they want. These guys get it, and I will happily pay for it. My knees and back thank you, Mystery Ranch!

  3. Balakay says:

    I would love for them to offer this in Multicam..