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Eighth Order Mens Dress Shirts Available for Pre-Order


Eighth Order, Inc is a specialty apparel brand started by Army SF Veteran Tom Kerr and Air Force Veteran William Romes. This Veteran owned small business was started with mission, purpose, and giving back in mind. As many of us know, transitioning Veterans are faced with several challenges when they leave the military and try to establish themselves in the civilian sector. For many, they bring the scars of the battlefield everywhere they go and often fall short. One of the most difficult pieces of that transition is feeling a loss of purpose. This wasn’t different for Tom and Will as while both are generally highly motivated individuals, they were struggling with “what they want to be when they grow up”.

Tom and Will being friends for nearly 15 years decided to create their purpose. “If purpose is what I am lacking now, I guess I am just going to create mine” Will said. “I had all of these uniforms laying around in my closet, accumulating for the last 20 years… I have got to try and figure out something to do with them instead of throwing them in the dumpster.” After 3 different manufacturers and nearly 2 years of building the business out, they are launching with their first product. Pre-order began this week, with stock arriving at their office on February 24th.

As they lead with extremely high-quality button-down shirts, fitted with camouflage trimming, they are already in development of their next 3 products. The Gray Label product release is made of a Cotton/Poly/Spandex blend and will become even more customizable, with the addition of woodland and AOR camo. Additional products over the next weeks and months will include the short sleeve version of these shirts and new 4 way stretch bamboo fabric logo and pocket T’s.

Eighth order manufactures in Chicago, Illinois. They chose Chicago because it is an emerging apparel ecosystem filled with small sewing shops and pattern makers who are working hard to remind America of Midwest manufacturing. You do not have to go to NYC to make high performing, rugged, quality, beautiful garments. For Eighth Order, it’s 3 hours and 40 minutes in a car from Ohio to Chicago to craft high quality products at fair prices, without having to go offshore.

Beyond making and selling high quality products people wear each an everyday, Tom and Will care deeply about Veterans issues. Today, there is an entire generation of fighting men and women who are suffering from PTSD, TBI, and suicide. If this year is anything like last year, we will see another record number of Veteran suicides. “I know what it is like to suffer in silence and have the worst thoughts. I think about Tom and other action hero’s like him. So many of them go from American hero to an American hero statistic. I’ve had enough of that and I want to do something, anything, about it. That’s one of the reasons we started this business. More must be done because we can’t keep setting new records for suicide. We are working with Warrior Rising to empower Veteran entrepreneurs to start business’s or boost their existing businesses. We are also speaking with several Veteran advocacy and treatment program entities who provide PTSD, TBI, and suicide prevention programs to our ailing Veterans. Right now, we have committed 5% of each sale to organizations like Warrior Rising, with larger percentages committed as we grow our new business.” Said Romes.

Thanks for all your support. From now until forever, the committed readers of Soldier Systems Daily can get 10% off everything in our webstore by using the code “SSD”.

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18 Responses to “Eighth Order Mens Dress Shirts Available for Pre-Order”

  1. PTM says:

    I’m sorry, but these are some of the most God-awful ugly shirt I’ve ever seen.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Hopefully it’s just the photos themselves that aren’t great, cause otherwise I have to agree.

      • Clear View says:

        I strongly disagree with both of you. I guess everyone has their own tastes. My friends and I love these shirts. Nice style for sure! Can’t wait to see what else is going to be released.

  2. Grady Burrell says:

    Great looking , innovative and resourceful ! Navy on the way to me.

  3. Tom says:

    I’m curious as to what you think is god awful about these shirts. I’ll admit, they are not the best photos, but we are continually working on our in house studio.

    Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your feedback.

    • CWG says:

      Stay on the path guys, the market will show you if your stuff is great. Ignore what flyby shitposters say.

      • William says:

        Thanks for that vote of confidence. Everyone has an opinion and we respect them all, even when they don’t align with our own. No matter what folks think about some online photos, we are building really high quality garments that generates money to help other Veterans. It was reported that Air Force hit all time highs in Active Duty/Guard/Reserve service members in 2019…. we have to do something about it!

    • Alpha2 says:

      I suggest more pictures of shirts available, each color style and improved lighting would probably help immensely. Good luck guys.

    • Ricepuddin says:

      I like them, I am just not big on wearing camo out of uniform. Who I knows I may pick one up anyways

  4. Ex Coelis says:

    Ugly? Nay Sir, only in the eye of it’s beholder… PTM & Sasquatch – really think you ought to GO to the website and READ the ‘About Us’ section of it. Personally, I think the shirts look great and am also going to keep a wary eye on the website for future collection releases. Keep up the great work Eighth Order!!!

  5. Papa6 says:

    Any chance of making shirts in actual dress shirt sizing? I really like this idea and want to help out. I wear a 17″ neck x 35″ sleeves in a “slim” fit. Large or extra-large just don’t cut it for me in a fitted shirt.

    • William says:

      I have learned a lot about patterning and fit from our world class pattern maker. Something she told me, while laughing, is that a lot of companies make sizing that is driven by vanity… “so Will, your sizes can be whatever you want them to be…”

      I took that advice and understood that Tom and I are our own business demographic. Like you, I have a big neck, long arms, and am tall. I wear a 17.5 neck and 35.5 arm length. Our XL fits me like a glove and isn’t baggy anywhere. I wouldn’t call it a slim fit by any means, but I would say it’s a more athletic fit. We tapered the torso of our patterns so excess fabric wouldn’t be flapping out in the wind like a flag blowing. If any of you guys know Tom, he’s a “medium to medium +” size of a dude and the Large size fits him perfect.

  6. M'Arc says:

    Tom and Team are creating a product line with domestic manufacturing. That is a feat in itself, and they are supporting a good cause. I am sure new product photos will come in time. Looking forward to getting my hands on a shirt!

    • William says:

      Thanks dude, we appreciate the support. You are right, domestic manufacturing is expensive but it’s important. We realize that fact may get lost on some people, but is sure is rewarding to give American companies purchase orders to build product! Thanks again!

  7. Pat Mac says:

    I’ll take 300.

  8. Todd A says:

    Congrats guys on the upcoming release! I know you all have been working on this for a long time. Product looks great and it’s different from all the other offerings in this space! Nice work!!

  9. straps says:

    Please consider doing black or dark olive over Multicam Black.

    Respectfully, it’s been my experience that red works much better with the MC family than any other primary color.

  10. chico78 says:

    I get what you’re trying to do..but execution doesn’t work. The camo is just strange against those colors..with so many others out there making “lifestyle” clothing, it’s hard to stand out. Viktos, Vertx.. heck even Magpul tried this type of thing. You can’t slap camo in a dress shirt and call it good. Hire a designer, dial in your market, and let it rip.