CORE Survival Updates HEL-STAR 6

CORE Survival has updated the HEL-STAR 6 marker light with a new case design. It’s much more streamlined and much less likely to catch on anything. Below, you can see the updated case in front of the previous version.

Otherwise, the features remain the same.

3 Responses to “CORE Survival Updates HEL-STAR 6”

  1. William Holden says:

    I got the older one and it goes dead on me. if I want to use it I got to stage it with batteries not loaded before roll out. otherwise its dead…. every time. pretty weak…

    • Stephen says:

      Send it back to CORE. That is obviously a short or something in the electronics. I’ve used one for 5 years without issue.

    • KD says:

      I second Stephens comment, I have used HEL-STAR for years without a problem. It’s easily my preferred strobe