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Kokopelli XPD Packraft – Now On Kickstarter

The XPD is a one-man inflatable pack raft which inflates in less than 3 minutes with the included Nano Pump.

It’s inflatable and seems suited to emergency use but the manufacturer claims it is also great for multi-day excursions on the water.

Offered in Red or Green.

Visit www.kickstarter.com for more details.

3 Responses to “Kokopelli XPD Packraft – Now On Kickstarter”

  1. Luke says:

    At 13 lbs its almost twice the weight of the rafts guys usually use for multi-day excursions, most multiday rafts are 200d or 400d fabric with a heavier floor, at that weight I’m not sure what their target market is.

    River crossings is the main tactical use I’ve heard discussed, and I’ve heard of a few rafts being developed for that purpose but this is far to heavy to carry in for something like that I would think.

    • Chewy says:

      Those are good questions in general, but you should check out the description. The manufacturer clearly states multiple times they are pitching a packraft focused on durability and light weight. The priority being durability. Also noting higher durability is lacking in the current market.

    • J.V. says:

      The XPD is simply a more rugged version Kokopelli’s Rogue-Lite raft. Dimensionally identical, but using different/heavier materials. Info here: https://kokopellipackraft.com/product/xpd/