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A Moment In Time

“… By calling attention to a well-regulated militia for the security of the Nation, and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fear of governmental tyranny, which gave rise to the 2nd amendment, will ever be a major danger to our Nation, the amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic military-civilian relationship, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the 2nd Amendment will always be important.”

John F Kennedy

American President

159 Responses to “A Moment In Time”

  1. Gerard says:

    Amazing quote. Today we have a communist about to get the Democratic nomination. We really will need the Militia soon. God help this country

    • Bob says:

      Are you that terrified of not having to pay medical bills?

    • NotTheAlphabet says:

      To be clear, you’re saying you think a militia should be used to shoot a presidential candidate/possible democratically elected president right? Like, just to be clear. Trying to think of a different possible meaning of your comment other than that implication.

      • Gerard says:

        No I think the Militia should arrest someone like Sanders. Place him on trial for crimes against the constitution and then hang him for treason. No need to waste ammo

        • NotTheAlphabet says:

          Cool just wanted to specify what kind of unhinged freak you were

          • Joe R. says:

            2nd PARA. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE – says 2 x in its flesh-language that you should chuck your government “whenever” you deem necessary [with no hi-bar set for what constitutes ‘necessary’]. In one of those times, it states that it’s your “duty” to.

            As soon as our stupid neighbors who needed a job (our “gov’t”) thinks it’ll never happen, then the world tilts and we march more quickly to that happening. It’s the same reason the U.S. Military projects power upon “The Commons” (the seas), our nation’s [and other ally’s] protected airspace, now is space itself, on in all the terrestrial sh*t-holes not U.S.

            I’d say that “When you need a couple of unhinged freaks, you’re on your own”. BUT YOU’RE NOT FROM HERE.

            • NotTheAlphabet says:

              Not from here? I’m literally US Fire/EMS.

              • Ed says:

                You sound like a fucking tool then! Where are you fire/ems so I don’t move there? Are even a qualified FF or do just hold their “hose”

                Fucking Commie scum!

                • NotTheAlphabet says:

                  You type like a 12 year old who just discovered the internet.

                  • Ed says:

                    What state and city pussy? I’m currently in gulf coast southern MS. When I get back on shore duty I will retire out of Tampa and probably live in Punta Gorda or Port Charlotte, FL. Just want to know so I don’t have a fucking Commie scum like you getting my tax $$ whining about health care since you only ate on 24hr shifts 11 fats a year!

                  • NotTheAlphabet says:

                    Ahhhh so because I have the slightest scrap of persec and dont feel like doxing myself to a weirdo on the internet I can’t possibly be American. Whatever floats your boat cupcake.

          • Gerard says:

            Your candidate spent his honeymoon in the USSR happily singing with his comrades while good Russians were rotting in Gulags. I don’t apologize for my views

      • Yawnz says:

        Why would him being a Presidential candidate be relevant? Declaring candidacy does not magically absolve oneself of having poor ideology or make unconstitutional ideas more palatable, nor does being “democratically elected”. Plenty of leaders were democratically elected and they drove their countries to shit.

        • Mick says:

          Fair enough, but advocating a militia shooting a politician you don’t like is a bit authoritarian, don’t you think?

  2. CapnTroy says:

    Great quote…back before Democrats were commies…

    • Bob says:

      Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years.

      Socialism is what they called public power.

      Socialism is what they called social security.

      Socialism is what they called farm price supports.

      Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.

      Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.

      Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.

      When the Republican candidate inscribes the slogan “Down With Socialism” on the banner of his “great crusade,” that is really not what he means at all.

      What he really means is, “Down with Progress — down with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal,” and “down with Harry Truman’s fair Deal.” That is what he means.

      • Bob says:

        Quote by Harry Truman.

        • Ed says:

          Yeah, two very bad Presidents! Great analogy to prove your an Un-American POS who needs to go Kill yourself!

      • Joe R. says:

        Everyone knows


        is just the boot.exe file for communism.

        communism has failed everywhere it has been tried and everyone underneath it (except the fat bastards at the top of the pyramid, e.g., Fidel Castro left an estate greater than $9 Million to his daughter when he left this world to service satan). The U.S. Foreign Policy since before 1950 is to hunt communists and communism around the globe. We’ve expended too much time, tears, treasure, and souls, to back that train up to try it again.

        WE HAVE “THE COMMUNIST CONTROL ACT OF 1954” it’s ONLY FAILURE, is that it does not have capital penalties, BECAUSE communism CERTAINLY DOES.

        We don’t have a similar “Capitalist” or “Conservative” Control Act, and you know why???? BECAUSE WE’RE NOT FRIGGING communists ! ! !

        “K1ll a commie for mommy” – Johnny Ramone

      • Yawnz says:

        Since you seem hesitant to elaborate in the prior comment, perhaps you’d be more willing here.

        What “progress”, specifically? How are you going to justify increasing the costs of basic goods and services for a service that is not needed by most American citizens? Why should people be forced to pay for the care of others when those others don’t have enough sense in their heads to not do certain things (i.e. smoke, over-eat, etc.)?

  3. Lasse says:

    What’s the definition of “governmental tyranny”? I can’t see how any of the 2 parties in the US fit into the definition of being a tyrant, so I’m wondering if the governmental variant is any different.

    • Yawnz says:

      Trying to pass laws that punish those who have not committed a crime by depriving them of access to property based on the actions of those who have committed a crime could certainly be labeled as “governmental tyranny”.

      • Lasse says:

        If a change in laws is based on the will of the majority of people, is it still tyranny or is it democracy?

        Wouldn’t it be tyranny if the government refused to act on the will of the majority of people in a democracy?

        • LG says:

          Well, it’s a good thing we’re not a democracy, then. The founders disliked democracy for that very reason: “tyranny of the majority”.

          • Lasse says:

            Right…. If the people in Congress (who happen to be democratically elected) decide that they want to amend the constitution, and they have more than 2/3s supporting them- is it a tyrannical government if they do so?

        • Yawnz says:

          You seem to be under the mistaken assumption that “the will of the people” somehow magically makes something “not tyrannical”. “Democracy” and “tyranny” are not mutually exclusive concepts.

          Take the Electoral College for example. It is a concept designed specifically to counter pure democratic will, as pure democratic will is likely even more tyrannical than a singular despot due to inherent nature of a group of people being harder to deal with.

          Was it not at one time “the will of the majority” that people were restricted from being able to vote based on skin color?

          Let’s explore another example, shall we? Would it not be “tyrannical” if a majority of people in your town/city of residence decided to come to your house, drag you outside, and hang you from the nearest tall object simply because they desired it?

          The US is not a pure or near-pure democracy, it is a constitutional republic with checks and balances in place to curb the power of the various branches of government. This includes the fourth (or fifth, depending on how you view the media) branch of government: “the people”. Rights are conceptualized on an individual basis, and one petitions the government for redress as an individual.

  4. Major Smoof says:

    Generally here for the comments…but also the pose a hypothetical:

    If/when Trump refuses to leave office, whether this year or in four, does 2A get used to keep the Cheeto in Chief in office? or to enforce the unambiguous language in the Constitution detailing the transfer of executive branch powers?

    I fear his sycophants would think the former, though their love of the Constitution would argue in favor of the latter.

    It’s like a MAGA “would you rather…”

    • Ed says:

      Are you delusional?? He “might” refuse to leave office in 2025?? Get a fucking life and wake up! Look what Cankles campaign, FBI, DOJ and other OGA’s have been doing to him for last four plus years! Stop “resisting” and take the red pill you fucking moron!

      • Major Smoof says:

        Is that you, James Madison?

        • Ed says:

          No, I’m Ed Brown a very alive Patriot who believes in our inalienable rights and freedom to pursue life, liberty and my happiness without trampling on others rights or my govt taking those same rights from US! and it is not the Govt responsibility to take care of people that other wise are able bodied and of sound mind to pursue their lives. If people are sick, disabled or have a viable reason for help that is a completely different discussion. Prior to Bob’s favorite racist, FDR the community and churches helped those affected by the Great Depression. That has been abused since the post WWII period and exponentially abused by politicians since the 1960’s getting “votes” for the “free sheet”!

          Go study history objectively, not by your emotional reaction to it!

      • lcpl0420 says:

        If this is true why did it take so long for these bad actors to be identified? Do you believe that men such as Admiral McRaven, General Mattis, General McMaster, John Brennan, and Robert Mueller spent decades rising to the top of their fields only to sacrifice their dedication to duty for the opportunity to undermine Trump? Should loyalty be placed above merit in allowing people to advance in public service? If such measures were put into place situations such as LtCol Vindman’s compliance with a congressional subpeona could be avoided in the future.

        • Joe R. says:

          Liberals keep it quiet until they think they are among their-own. I bet it was a YUUUUUUGGGE shock to all of them that POTUS shrugged off the normally big-pull people you listed and we THE PEOPLE were right there with Trump.

          It has been adjudicated AND ADMITTED TO that Vindman attempted to RE-WRITE the documented transcript of a call btw POTUS and the incoming leader of Ukraine. That’s considered an fing lie BECUASE IT IS.

          • Ed says:

            “Ooh sayyy can youuuu seee!”

            “I am LT Col, sir, earned it!”

            Fucking fat nerd POS Ukrainian plant!” He’s a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly!

            KAG 2020! Living rent free in every liberals mentally disturbed mind!

    • Joe R. says:

      IMHO – the next election will produce 1) another 4 years for POTUS Trump [MAGA] – those b1tching about that waived their right to complain on the last ~ 4 POS (D) presidents; and

      2) the next RED ? BLUE voting map, and that should show, within ~ 20 meters where the REAL problem is, in America. Do with that information, what you need to, certainly you should expect nothing less in return.

      If Trump doesn’t want to leave office in ~ 4.5 years, then the tyrannical-communist ball-o-snakes POS (D) satan’s-suck areas of blue on the RED / BLUE voting map will wish they didn’t let their stupid neighbors who needed a job (their [local] gov’t) DISARM THEM (plus, they’ll wish they didn’t live so bunched-up, in indefensible enclaves). But. . . wtf ever, right?

    • Yawnz says:

      Your fear seems to be largely hyperbolic in nature, not all too surprising considering that seems to be par for the course.

      Tell me, how many problems have Trump or “his sycophants” have caused? Where are the camps for the gays and the blacks and the Jews that the Twitterati like to moan about?

      How many Democrat Congressmen have been attacked outside of their homes or shot while playing baseball?

      How many famous French actors who are pro-Trump have falsified hate crimes against themselves to try to smear their opposition?

      How many pro-Trump “sycophants” have attacked people in the streets with bike locks and milkshakes laced with rubber cement?

      • Mick says:

        I remember people burying their rifles int heir back yard so Obama couldn’t find him. How many weapons did he confiscate exactly?
        Hyperbolic fear isn’t exactly a one-party problem.

  5. 32sbct says:

    Off topic …but for those advocating for “Medicare for all” it really means Medicare for none. For all those who wore the uniform, retired, and are now on Tricare it means that Tricare, a benefit we earned, goes away and we’re in the same program as everyone else. So the low cost health care I earned goes away and now I ‘ll pay a big premium so that an illegal alien gets it for free. Yeah, that sounds fair.

    • Bob says:

      No, when Sander’s Medicare for All bill passes no on will pay premiums. Eveyone’s healthcare will be paid for by everyone’s taxes.

      Same way we pay for the military.

      • Ed says:

        Yeah, exactly the same because illegal aliens are going to service in our armed forces and all indigent in our inner cities are owed the same gratitude because it’s not their faults they were born into the “Democratic dream” of letting the state and Federal Govt “take care” of you? You are a fucking precious gem of ignorance and abject stupidity! I hope I can meet other idiots like you on the battlefield in the near future! Why don’t you kill your self and save us the time!

        • Jack says:

          “I hope I can meet other idiots like you on the battlefield in the near future! Why don’t you kill your self and save us the time!”

          Bob probably whacks it to his fantasy about killing other Americans who he disagrees with.

          Doesn’t matter how you vote, if this is your mindset, you’re not a good guy.

          • Jack says:

            I meant Ed…

            • Ed says:

              Lol, you kill me, you really do! I’m pretty sure you’re projecting now. I stand ready to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. You and BoB should go bob and kneel on each other!

              You leftist idiots are pathetic and pathological. God save your souls

              • Jack says:

                I’m not projecting, I’m quoting you. And I’m a long way from being a leftist. You’re the one talking about meeting people on the battlefield and calling on people to kill themselves because you don’t like their politics, so I’m not sure it’s my soul that needs saving here, tough guy.

                • Ed says:

                  Then why are you on this thread then trolling and hand picking parts of comments without context? No one here is advocating killing fellow Americans. Maybe you should re-read or for the first time read our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Even “if” and that’s a big “if”, a commie POS like Bolshevik bernie the perv is elected it is still up to us to stand up to tyrannical govt, especially if someone like him fundamentally transforms our govt and throws all constitutional rights away. Those in govt that make that happen and those that support the same unconstitutional
                  Laws cease to be fellow Americans and will be considered domestic enemies. If the possibility of that scares you then you better cowboy the fuck up or shut up! As for being a “tough guy” as you so delicately put it, I’m not, sure just know my limitations.

                  Have a happy Tuesday dick-bag!

      • Yawnz says:

        >”no one will pay premiums”
        >”Everyone’s healthcare will be paid for by everyone’s taxes”

        Proving the contradiction. Again, why should I have to deal with an increased price and goods and services for something I don’t need? Yes people will pay premiums, it’ll just be taken directly out of your paycheck under another name, and you don’t even have to be sick.

  6. SShink says:

    That was back when the Dems weren’t leftists

    • Bob says:

      The people back then thought so. They tried to get Smedley Butler to replace FDR in a coup.

      I’m all in favor of private ownership of firearms though. The Tiki Torch crowd needs to be deterred.

      • Walter Shields says:

        Dang dude. You really are in the bag aren’t you? Yes taxes will pay for healthcare if that comes to pass. Much higher taxes than we now have (which are too high). So everyone will have awful healthcare. Care will be rationed and when you get too old to be of economic use to the state you will be discarded and refused any medical care. It happens now in the UK and in Denmark they euthanized older patients against their will.

        The problem with socialism is yes, you get one man one vote…ONE TIME. Socialism benefits no one except those in high political office. I assume you are applying for the commissar’s job?

        • Bob says:

          The amount we will pay in taxes will be less than the amount currently paid in premiums so it’s a net gain for the country.

          The elderly in the US are already on government healthcare (Medicare) and aren’t being euthanized against their will. I don’t know why you think this would start when people who use fewer medical resources (the non elderly) are added to the program.

          As far as the cost, our country has no problem spending trillions on our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the government apparently has sufficient funding to cut its tax revenue by a trillion dollars, but it throws a fit when it comes to spending money on its own citizens.

      • happy2joy2 says:

        Hate to break it to you “progressive” types [I guarantee I hate violence, racism and pollution as much as you do] but you’ve got nothing without national security and a good economy. These two things go bye-bye when socialism comes to town, the “haves” stop making greatness and leave and there’s no other free money left to keep the hand-out masses happy and to send to the int’l climate slush fund.
        As a friendly aside, I’d steer clear of any of that violence stuff and Che Guevara-esque BS posturing or the men will have to get involved.
        Also, is this your “A” game? Your wikipedian grasp of history is tiresome and telling (damn you lefties get it so wrong, this isn’t a fair fight either):
        Dickstein was a modern-day Schiff-bird handcrafting fabrications from weak, biased (and working for Russian intel…let no one claim that a sense of tradition and consistency doesn’t run deep and wide with you Democrats) and ephemeral sources into ornate and potent smear campaigns, his congressional “investigation” too was an outright Democrat hoax. MGen Butler was not a simple character: a proven war hero and leader and also later in life outspoken opponent of imperialism, military-industrial complex, overall quite anti-war for a 2x MOH veteran. Your historic “coup” attempt, like every Democrat smear theme expertly promulgated by left media over the last three years, is little more than delusional theater that is evidently, and strangely, invigorating to leftists that claim to be focused on saving people, the planet and doing good.
        Disclaimer: I’m a fan of Jim Webb, USMC Infantry Officer, Vietnam, Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star Vx2, Purple Heart x2, Reagan’s SECNAV, US Senator, etc. Democrat who would’ve gotten my vote in 08, 16, and in 20 if he ran today, though I’m comfortable saying Trump is doing a good job, and great in a few key areas. IMO, Democrat candidates are so far from reality these days they’re worthless.

  7. Mehmaster says:

    We have a 1 trillion dollars deficit. The extra extra wealthy and corporations have gotten there taxes slashed to the bone.everybody Is getting handouts; out of luck farmers, coal mining firms, the oil and gas industry. And we are angry about single payer healthcare? 1 trillion dollars and we are angry about those free riding sick people. Oh sheepfog save us

    • Joe R. says:

      We don’t work for the gov’t. It works for us. We’re not a slave to it, that ensures that it has everything it needs. It distributes what it takes from us, what it should use to enrich us.

      The “wealthy” (to include “corporations”) pay the majority of taxes. If you give them a 50% “tax cut” they (many of them) will still pay 500 x the amount of tax that you do. Since 1 = ? > than 0, the people receiving EIC are achieving a rate of return on their tax money that the “wealthy” WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE OR RECOVER.

      And what are they getting for their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ? More than you?

      They’re getting a lot of complaining and threats of wealth confiscation. It’d be cheaper AND SAFER to hire some people to kill all the complainers.

      • Mehmaster says:

        I pay income tax man. I would pay a hell of a lot more if alot of my income didn’t come from non taxable military entitlements. Many corporations don’t pay anything. Or squirrel thier money away through multinational structuring. What are they paying for? Idk the human capital that taxpayers paid to educate from k-12, the government agencies that zealously protect thier intellectual capital, the ports, the railways. Stop making it seem like companies spin straw out of gold. They don’t, they have a very healthy business environment in America that takes money to maintain. So fucking pay up.

        • Joe R. says:

          ALL CORPORATE TAX MONIES (EVEN THOSE PAID THROUGH THEIR EMPOYEES’ WAGE TAXES, OR CONTRACTOR 1099 TAXES) – come from the net proceeds of what they sell. Therefore it comes from what you buy / hire from them, or those entities that you buy / hire from, who buy / hire from them.

          Giving THEM a tax cut, is giving you a tax cut. EXCEPT that giving YOU a tax cut of 50% won’t compel you IN THE SLIGHTEST to hire anyone else. Give a corporation a 50% tax cut they will [likely] buy capital, hire people, improve their infrastructure, expand, buy (acquire) other companies, invest, invent, etc., etc., etc.

          C A P I T A L I S M (UNDER GOD) is what’s funding / fueling all of the other stupid cr*p out there that’s circling the swirly until Capitalists cut aid.

      • NotTheAlphabet says:

        Joe how do you feel about companies like Amazon paying zero in federal income taxes? How does that fit into your “corporations pay the majority of taxes”

        • Joe R. says:

          See my comment immediately above.

          . . . and thanks for reading. . .

          • NotTheAlphabet says:

            So you have no comment about whether or not Amazon should be allowed to avoid paying federal income tax? Good to know.

            • Joe R. says:

              I said, see my comment above. It covers it.

              Whatever tax you slap on Amazon, they will make their users pay it.

              How much do you want to tax their users? Enough so that no one wants to buy anything? enough to switch to a barter system.

              socilism / communism is the interloper. It’s not what this great country was founded on and we planted a lot of our really great guys trying to ward it off. We’re gonna keep doing that, and I’m going to tell my great-great-great-great-great-grandkids about it. GOD Willing

  8. Ed says:

    Dude, you are not even close you dolt! Do you even know the cost of Medicare for all, 330+ million including the unknown number of illegal aliens? Go learn the facts not your “facts”. People like you are just trolls who have nothing better in life to do! I see you didn’t reply to mine after I commented to you idiotic comment on the Blackwater 9mm ammo. Go get a job or a constructive hobby you slacker!

    • NotTheAlphabet says:

      22 different studies have found that medicare for all will actually save billions of dollars, largely by cutting administrative expenses and allowing the government to negotiate costs. I work in EMS and what you fail to understand is that uninsured people still cost the system money. It costs LESS money to give people preventative care than it does to wait until they collapse in the street and end up in the already overtaxed emergency room system.

      • NotTheAlphabet says:

        Above and beyond partisan bias they still found the same results. “Even the Mercatus Center, a right-wing think tank, recently found about $2 trillion in net savings over 10 years from a single-payer Medicare for All system.” ” Administrative costs are so high because thousands of insurance companies individually negotiate benefit rules and rates with thousands of hospitals and doctors. On top of that, they rely on different billing procedures — and this puts a costly burden on providers.”

        ““Even though they start with different single designs and modeling assumptions, the vast majority of these studies all come to the same conclusion,” said study author James Kahn, M.D., a professor in the UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a member of the Philip R. Lee Health Policy Institute”

        • Joe R. says:

          Wouldn’t “single-payer” healthcare essentially sh*t-can all but (possibly ???) “secondary” insurance???

          So, socialism can’t afford itself, so it blames what it is forcing you to replace with it. ???


          • NotTheAlphabet says:

            Try again, but formulate that into an actually coherent sentence so the question can be answered.

            • Joe R. says:

              SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE IS MEANT TO REPLACE ALL INSURANCE [i.e., makes the “Gov’t” THE insurance company].

              Claiming what is being replaced is the problem with the broken sh*t that is “single-payer-healthcare” is wrong on its face.

              There, fic’d it fer ya.

              • NotTheAlphabet says:

                Still only a C- job but thank you for being a shining example of the American education system.

                • Joe R. says:

                  At least you didn’t say I was wrong.

                  If you think single-payer isn’t meant to totally supplant insurance you need to switch hands every now and then or you’ll get carpal-tunnel.

                  • NotTheAlphabet says:

                    Literally the entire point of single-payer is to remove the private insurance companies, which are basically parasites. That’s like, the whole purpose. No one advocating for or against it is pretending otherwise why are you acting like you’ve discovered some secret?

                    • SSD says:

                      Tell us all about what happens to markets when you remove competition.

                    • NotTheAlphabet says:

                      Competition will still exist for the thing that actually needs innovation; the pharmaceuticals and hospitals themselves. What innovation are insurance companies actually bringing to the equation?

                    • SSD says:

                      Not necessarily. If the government imposes price controls, there’s no reason to innovate. And single payer is government price fixing.

                      You actually believe your bullshit, don’t you?

                    • NotTheAlphabet says:

                      Do you feel that we should entirely replace our military with private contractors? After all, competition is good right? Why give the government a monopoly on armed forces?

                    • SSD says:

                      You do realize we do that, right?

                    • Joe R. says:

                      Competition comes from personal choice. That choice is held by the bona fide citizenry of the U.S.

                      We don’t privatize our military because history has shown that that military works only for a paycheck and who is writing it, and it guarantees you the need to keep paying them regardless of activity (e.g., Rome). Plus, an entirely private ‘army’ delegitimizes the role of that army as “the Nation’s” “uniformed” and/or “armed” “Service(s).”

                      This sh*t is covered in your basic military reading-list material though. Don’t let people do your online training for you, you’ll miss out on a lot.

                    • NotTheAlphabet says:

                      I’m aware we hire contractors, but why not go full hog? Just replace our entire standing armed forces.

          • NotTheAlphabet says:

            I’m gonna explain this to you slowly, so you can understand.

            First off, when people don’t have medical insurance (at least 44 million people in this country) they dont get preventable care. Care that would be relatively affordable to provide. Instead they avoid going to the doctor, putting issues off for longer and longer until finally they become an emergent medical crisis. When this occurs, our already stretched thin emergency medical response has to come pick them up and transport them to an Emergency Room. The EMTALA act of 1986 requires that emergency rooms stabilize anyone who comes through the doors regardless of their ability to pay. This costs money, and exhausts an already overtaxed EMS system. It is cheaper to pay for preventative care for people than it is to treat them down the line when the issue becomes bad enough to warrant emergency room care. This is the hard reality. Whether you like it or not, the taxpayer will eventually pay for these peoples care. Why not spend less and give them preventative care rather than wait until it becomes emergent and overload the system. Go work a shift at a major metro ER on a Saturday night. See how overloaded the system is.

            The second step is that there are thousands of insurance companies that have to individually negotiate rates with thousands of different doctors and hospitals. By removing all of these, and having the government negotiate across the board you save millions of dollars in administrative fees.

            Its like the situation in Washington State with the Inter-City transit going fareless. People are arguing that it’s socialism to provide free public transport, but the reality is that significantly more money is being spent collecting the fares and maintaining the fare machines than is actually made from the fares themselves. This isn’t even about socialism vs capitalism, our economy functions significantly better when people are more easily able to go to work/run errands etc and it improves traffic congestion. When our citizens are healthier and less overburdened by medical debt, they have more money to spend on goods from other businesses, money that flows into the economy.

            • Joe R. says:

              Oh jeez, too much wrong to cover, but. . .

              Gov’t giving away healthcare (that it doesn’t own) to those “who can’t afford it” makes healthcare more expensive for everyone EVEN BEFORE YOU THROW IN FREE SEX CHANGES FOR PEOPLE ON DEATH ROW.

              Your “Inter-City” transport is a great example of the B.S. argument of socialism that slides us off into the sh*t-hole that is Venezuela.

              GIVING AWAY transportation is CHEAPER THAN what it costs in collecting rider’s fees BUT RIDERS FEES DIDN’T COVER THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION EITHER. You sold broken socialism on the back of BROKEN SOCIALISM. Public transportation (sh*t ANY TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED BY GOVERNMENT) is a REVENUE LOSS PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS. What do the taxpayers get for their money, lots of bitching AT AN ALARMINGLY EXPANDING RATE THAT SIGNIFIES YOU GOTTA END THE SOCIALISM WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE. Don’t believe me, watch Venezuela a little while longer (and remember, it’s even had foreign aid).

              • NotTheAlphabet says:

                Hey man I gotta remind you, using the caps lock like that just makes it seem like you’re constipated. You should probably go get some medication for that.

              • NotTheAlphabet says:

                And I don’t know how to tell you this, but “GIVING AWAY transportation is CHEAPER THAN what it costs in collecting rider’s fees BUT RIDERS FEES DIDN’T COVER THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION EITHER.” is literally the whole point. Public transit is not a for-profit endeavor, it’s a public utility. Its the part where we decide to spend money on things that benefit the entire populace, because the better the general populace does the better the economy does. I can’t believe I’m having to explain to you what the concept of a public utility is.

                • Joe R. says:

                  Let me bottom-line it for ya. There’s not a single public transportation company (anywhere / ever) making an ROI worth the expenditure. Anywhere you find one, the municipal entity chained to it is hoping for something to come along and save it from it.

                  ALSO NOTE – in the abstract until you request examples- public transportation occurs in knots of people known as POS (D) that enjoy living like that because they get to tell their populace to suck-it-up or leave. It’s parasitic, and also not self-sustaining.

                  and you noticed the ALL CAPS did ya. good. Again, thanks for reading.

                  • NotTheAlphabet says:

                    One of these days you’ll realize urban sprawl occurs because of the major corporations you worship, not because of any politicians on either side of the aisle.

                    • Joe R. says:

                      none of the corporation’s “make” anything on Manhattan Island, except for fake news.

    • Mehmaster says:

      My job is jumping out of jam packed high performance aircraft into the dead of night and moving towards the sound of the guns wherever and whenever my nation sees fit. Your welcome for your freedom Ed and thank you for your taxes. These type 2 retainer bands and thousands of gallons of jet fuel don’t pay for themselves. But so I’m clear, waxing civilians because your nervous is okay. Socialized healthcare in the wealthiest nation in the history of humanity is bad.

      • Joe R. says:

        IF you’re even from here. . . You’re not the only one here on this blog that’s put their life on the line for their country. You think your service is the epitome of service? Whatever helps you justify your tattoos, and your recruiters’ next “batch”.

        If you’re pitching socialism you’re the enemy. The U.S. has hunted communism and the purveyors of it round the globe because it destroys everything good and right and just (and even the POS that try to stay at the top of the pyramid of turd that it is).

        socialism is the boot.exe file / Haiti vacation pamphlet to/for communism. communism sucks SO BAD that Russia didn’t admit to it (U.S.S.R.), and Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party. BUT THOSE IN THE KNOW hate socialism WORSE, because you need to throw an abortion on that sh*t AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and terminate that cr*p with extreme prejudice and not let it make it past the first trimester.

        Don’t get that sh*t on ya man. It makes you them. And them ain’t US.

      • Ed says:

        Oohhh really? So you’re a “free-fall” warrior as well?

        Just to be clear, Medicare for all would not be Medicare anymore, it would be “affordable” health care on steroids! Look how good that turned out when the “messiah” Odummer and his POS Pig-Losi passed a load of crap that no one read, written by a slick legalese slim-bag scum who openly admitted back in 2014/15 the language was purposefully misleading and what Odumbass (the Muzzie Kenyon) and his other DS’ing sycophants were lying so people like you would fawn all over them/it and virtue signal, how great are we? You trust the same people and worse (Commie-Bro Bernie) would do even better? !

        You and your ilk are so far gone, there’s no saving you!


  9. Mehmaster says:

    Oh yeah…. Trickle down economics. Funny how it never trickles down and just turns into a stock buy back bonanaza. Happened with bush tax cuts and happened after Trump’s tax cuts as well. Reagonomics anyone? Huge fucking success. Right?

    • Joe R. says:

      Yes, the Nation’s economy IMPROVED with every example EVEN TRUMPS (notice Obama’s TARP didn’t do that, because the gov’t can’t give enough away).

      Think of it like ESTATE TAXES (the “Death Tax”). IMHO, THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY. You should be able to use your $$$ / wealth / assets that you’ve earned throughout your life to obtain what you want. If one of those things happens to be trying to have your progeny have a little better life SO BE IT. Don’t tax the mfr after he’s dead @ 40% + YOU ALREADY SQUEEZED THAT TURNIP HIS / HER WHOLE LIFE. Let him give it to his kids. They will do on of 2 things (I promise) 1) SPEND THE CR*P OUT OF IT [nothing will return that $$$ to the economy than that kid]; OR 2) Save, invest, and grow that wealth, and it makes it back into the community anyway. The “rich” don’t have to be as “generous” as the “poor” to do a whole lotta good with their money (AND UNLESS THEY GET FRIGGING GLOBAL COMMUNISTS ON THEIR FOUNDATION’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS – that’s exactly what happens).

  10. lcpl0420 says:

    After reading these comments, with one side of the argument presenting evidence calmly and one side saying “Get the fuck off this site you Libby-socialist scum! Well bring the torches “if” a Commie is ever “elected”! As for now, go move to Cuba or Venezuela and “enjoy” their “free healthcare” for all!”, I am convinced that this comment section is composed of actual members of the House of Representatives.
    I don’t know how this became a talk about healthcare, but JFK was one of the most liberal presidents in US history. Top marginal tax rate was double than it was today. He did cut the rate from 91% to 70%. Senator Sanders, the most leftist candidate, is proposing a top rate of 52%. If democrats today are commies for their tax proposals, they are less dedicated to taxing the rich than the man SWCS is named after.

    • NotTheAlphabet says:

      The Overton window shifted pretty hard post-Reagan, and the GWOT hasn’t really helped it.

      • Ed says:

        Hey! Pussy “fireman/woman”, whatever? Where do you work so I don’t retire in your city/ county??? I don’t my retirement and taxes that goes to an idiot like you that only works 11 24hr shifts a month so you can have another career and still ask for more free shit!

        If you’re in FL just warn me, I’ll stay out of your distrist!

        • Ed says:

          I don’t want my retirement *


          Yes I’m old and I don’t “iphone type” very well

          • NotTheAlphabet says:

            I’m glad to know you feel confident in extrapolating so much about me from the mere fact that I work for a fire department. Your unhinged ramblings are truly a credit to this nations educational system.

            • Ed says:

              Lol! You are precious aren’t you? I’m in MS on the gulf coast, heading to Tampa to retire next year after my shore duty. Just say your not a FL fire fighter! How hard is it? If you can’t just tell MR your not in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, DeSoto, Charlotte or Lee County? God I hope not!

              So why you a pussy?

              • NotTheAlphabet says:

                Why do you talk like a teenager who just discovered swear words?

                • Ed says:

                  Why do avoid answering the question? I don’t even know how to Dox! I find it hard to believe your a FF here in the USA. I’d hope Commie admiring scum like you were not part of first responders or our armed services. I guess you and Bob are more like former Army cadet that got booted from active duty for supporting socialism/communism while in uniform. That’s why you can’t come out of the closet and either admit your not a FF/EMT or you might lose your job. Glad I have nothing to hide! Proud Patriot here, God bless America! Maybe you will come around once you reach mental puberty!

                  EB Out!

                  • NotTheAlphabet says:

                    Why would I tell a someone who is clearly off their psyche meds where I live and work? You’re really not very quick on the uptake. Dont worry pumpkin, you got a 35 on the ASVAB and you dont have to take shit from anyone.

                    • Ed says:

                      Dude, you are so retarded it’s painful actually reading your posts. I don’t want ti know where you live but want reassurance your not on your not on the gulfcoast of FL. How fucking hard is it say your not a pussy ass FF in Tampa to Ft Myers?
                      As for psyche meds, lol, yeah I have PTS and TBI so you got me there little boy/girl, it??! Lol

                    • NotTheAlphabet says:

                      Yeah I’d definitely believe the TBI part. I dont know when you last got an MRI but I’d definitely schedule another one.

                      Honestly at this point not telling you is just amusing because it is causing you to spaz out.

                      I notice you didn’t argue with the ASVAB score either. Seems like you just barely squeaked by 😉

                    • Ed says:

                      ASVAB score? You really crack me up! Yeah, I don’t have a follow up MRI until March, thanks for your concern! No one is spazzing here turd, just can’t believe how much a pussy you are. Send me your email address and I’ll send you my redacted military record. I retire in 2025, so you only get my 15yrs plus 11 of Reserve time. What the Fuck have you done for this country the last 20yrs huh? Google me you faggot! Call up Don Shipley and have him look up Edward Brown if you have any testicular fortitude. if you don’t, then go fist fuck yourself while Bob and Jack, bob and jack each other while tiger watch you! See in FL you POS!

    • Joe R. says:

      JFK cut taxes, tax revenues rose, look it up. I dgaf who the swcs is named after, history don’t hinge on that sh*t.

      • Joe R. says:

        AND . . . [wait for it . . . ]

        JFK dedicated a lot of his life and a sh*t-ton of the resources of this GREAT NATION to . . .

        K I L L I N G

        C O M M U N I S T S

        Why? because it’s GOD’S Work. And it’s fun.

        • Joe R. says:

          Didn’t you do any cadence in boot camp?

        • Ed says:

          Love it!

          When Rafael Ganowitz was asked in 1967 what it feels like to take a human life he replied, “I wouldn’t know, I only kill communist”

          We should classify Anti-fa in the same non-human if the boogaloo kicks off.

          Patriot out

    • Ed says:

      Go to the top where Gerard made the comment about the dems about to elect an avowed communist, then all the leftist butt-hurt starts after that.

      KAG 2020 to eternity! Living rent free in the mentally disturbed minds of leftist-dem commie scum everywhere!


      • Joe R. says:

        That’s a good Yee-Haw! there you. Amen.

        • Ed says:

          Thanks Brother! I figured a “Yippie Ky Aye….” would only be appropriate if I were on a hand held talking to one of these leftist/commie slugs while taking them out one by one. How about that alphabet soup guy/person/it?
          I do live on the southern MS gulfcoast, in Pass Christian. I ain’t skeered! I’m just hoping that POS is not a FF in FL or where I’m planning to retire. You have a good night Patriot Brother! Here’s a snippet I saw earlier on Fox Nation

          See, it wasn’t even called “socialism” back then but it was the same thing with the same outcome only 100 years earlier! Gotta love stupid!


    • SSD says:

      Judged by today’s standards, Kennedy was no liberal.

  11. chooch says:

    If we go to single-payer because the Dems feel righteously empowered to cheat in elections, pull off a miracle and elect a crazed septuagenarian nut and hastily and haphazardly impose a spectrum of standards upon the citizens of this country, I’d respectfully request a few standards of my own be inserted into the rules before I consider any changes:

    1. Annual Adult He/She/It (that’s progressive, right?) Height and Weight check+Physical (5 failures = *) (note: nut-check on “It” category adults is case-specific and waiverable)
    2. Annual drug test: illegal drugs (failure = *)
    3. Annual drug test: legal drugs (chronic overuse/abuse = *)
    4. Annual Physical Fitness test (all he/she/its aged 18-60) with cash incentives for 1st class scores, ass-chewing and remedials for 2nd class score and * for repeat 3rd class ass-draggers (note: 1st class fitness test = ht/wt pass)
    5. Violent criminals = *

    * = immediate loss of citizenship and deployment: non-citizen is scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected, dressed in repurposed organic burlap sack uniform and donated to developing world to perform manual labor fighting climate change and other myriad tasks identified as crucial by UN (filling sandbags, picking up trash, providing third-world homes with “green” treadmill-power, talking/breathing less, food for starving polar bears, etc.)

    • Ed says:

      Yes! Chooch, that right there! Awesome, you crack me up! I wish they’d all go and try to clean up developing turd world Shit holes since they can’t do anything on their own! Love it Brother!

  12. Jeremy says:

    For the love of God, lock this thread’s comment section. It has devolved into some childish Twitter troll BS.

  13. ACE says:

    There should have only been on comment for that photo:

    “I hear these like to be run wet, just like Marilyn Monroe”

  14. Bob says:

    The Free Market created the M16.

    Communism created the AK-47.

    • Ed says:

      What’s your point bernie-bot commie?

      Liberalism is a mental disorder and in the USA our Constitution and Bill of Rights give us inalienable rights.

      There, another statement of truth, again, what’s your point???

      • Bob says:

        Ed, our rights are not given to us by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. We are endowed with them by our creator. I am surprised you do not know this.

        As far as the AK vs M16 argument, I leave that for you do decide which is the superior platform.

        • Ed says:

          Our rights come from God,

          “Inalienable rights are rights that government cannot violate under any circumstances. Inalienable rights require individuals to perform certain actions in order for others to enjoy more freedoms. Inalienable rights are natural rights that only exist if recognized by a country’s constitution.”

          As for your idiotic statement about which weapon platform is “better” is not an objective fact. Just you, Jack and that fag alphabet soup, all your arguments and comments lack objectivity. Why don’t you all meet up at a bernie the perv rally and suck him off after it’s over. I’m sure he’d appreciate the relief.

          Have a happy Tuesday commie fags!

  15. SSD says:

    Okay you two, go get a room. Facebook loves this kind of stuff.

    Since this isn’t germane to what we do here, this is done.