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MATBOCK Monday – Skeeter Patch Kit

With warm weather right around the corner, we are all itching to get outdoors.  With the arrival of spring also comes the arrival of….BUGS!!!  Don’t worry, here at MATBOCK we got more than your back, we got you covered head to toe with the Skeeter Patch Kit.

The internal of each patch is a super absorbent antimicrobial lining for deet or any other anti-bug spray. The absorbent liner will hold the bug spray for hours to prevent insects from bothering you or from you spraying some of these very harmful chemicals onto your body directly.

Each kit comes with 2 American Flag patches and 2 smaller patches. The 2 smaller patches are perfect to place around the ankles or below the knee. The American Flag patches are great to wear on your shoulders.

***For custom flag sets, please contact us at [email protected].  Custom sets must be purchased in sets of 100 kits***

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7 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday – Skeeter Patch Kit”

  1. Doc Rasmussen says:

    This is a legit outside the box idea I absolutely love it. I am curious how the lining will hold up though. A lot of bug sprays are super harsh on different materials. I have had at least two pairs of Oakleys destroyed by getting spray on the lenses by accident.

  2. ed says:

    Matbock Monday!! I like almost as much as I like SCUBAPRO SUNDAY!!!! Keep us the great work.

  3. Nicco Minutoli says:

    I was really intrigued when they were featured on SSD last year. Has anyone seen any testimonials from users? If they work, they sound like they would be excellent for my job. -N

  4. Jeremy says:

    I bought a set last year. I use them with DEET, and they work for mosquitos, They are well built, and have held up very well. I was initially worried about losing one of the ones off the bottom of my pants while I was walking through undergrowth, but they have held on.

  5. Spartiat says:

    I bought 2 Sets last year in Multicam with international (expensive) shipping.
    As they arrived and unboxing them, I was a bit disappointed at first about the “effort” Matbock took to produce them:
    The top fabric got laser cut, but the sides are not double folded for wear protection. Mine are fine yet, sure because the laser melts them. I guess its enaugh to do it that “simple”, but my mind still grinds about this.
    What is nice: The Velcro was laser cut and do not have these “lines” on the side of non-hook part from production.
    I’ve punched a hole through mine, so I can attach some safety lanyard, and used them with Citriodiol. I can not imagine that DEET, Icaridin or Permethrin would work at all: All components are for direct contact, as they mess with internal chemical processes and for this they need to get in touch with it (as far as my wikipedia knowledge went).
    So, my are used as Bio-Tactical patches since day one, and I always smell like a big lemon field so everybody got a laugh and it got me a nickname with my mates: Here comes “Citronella” 😉

    The 2 sets by the way are perfect for 1 person: 2 on the arms and 2 at the ankles, like intended, also 2 small ones more for the wrists and 2 big ones more for the hips. I am also thinking of getting another one, to have them on the neck.
    So yeah: Instead of 35USD for 2 big 2 small (like 3 big, so its like 11.33USD/Patch) I would love if they would come as set of 6 big, 4 small for 50-75USD. Alot of money, just for some “Solvent carriers”.

    • SSD says:

      You don’t fold that material.

      • Spartiat says:

        You are right: Because it is too thin! Some thicker laminate or Cordura wouldn’t increase weight but offer way better abrasion resistance.