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Nuclear Survival: What Are the Odds?

This 1982 TV special on nuclear preparedness was produced by a local station in the Jacksonville, FL area. Co-hosted by longtime WJXT anchors Tom Wills and Deborah Gianoulis, the special covers the Freeze movement and city planning for an attack. There’s even a segment on Survivalists.

Watch the video at kaltura.uga.edu.

2 Responses to “Nuclear Survival: What Are the Odds?”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    In 1982 there were survivalist rather than preppers of today. There’s a huge difference in that survivalist trained more and were skill heavy compared to preppers of today who buy more. They also banded together more rather than using social media. That allowed most social issues to be worked out ahead of a crisis.
    Then survivalist became a bad word portrayed by the media and .gov who used it synonymously with terrorist. Kind of like how they use other words like every pistol is a Glock and 30 is a magic bad number.

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    Downloading now. Thank you for posting this cold war gem!