Kit Badger Discusses Q-Sert from Q

Our friend Ivan shared this article with us on the Q-Sert weapon accessory attachment system from Q, LLC.

Q-Sert : The Attachment Method

When it comes to methods of attaching equipment to hand guards, there is generally two different methods. You have KeyMod, which is great for shelving units, and there is M-LOK. Past that there is legacy Picatinny Rail. Q LLC has brought something new to the table though, largely under the radar, which is their Q-Sert.

Q-Sert is a method of attaching accessories to the handguard that offers a stronger mount up than M-Lok, a more repeatable zero and provides a lighter handguard at the same time. Magic right? It took a number of engineers to make it happen…

Right now Q-Sert hand guards are available on the Fix Rifle, MiniFix and Side Chick Chassis. They are currently working on AR-15 hand guards as well as more Q-Sert direct mount options.

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6 Responses to “Kit Badger Discusses Q-Sert from Q”

  1. Kyle says:

    Well, this game is over before it started.

  2. Video is interesting to see the development notes, but definitely some concern when all: want to see some examples? Step 1 add on adapter plate…
    I think I missed it if said, is it able to go in between slots like M-LOK? That changes the placement options quite a bit.

  3. jellydonut says:

    The last thing we need is another attachment standard, especially from a micro-company that will never have the clout in the marketplace to propagate it.

    Sorry Q, you’re cool, but you’re not Magpul.

  4. Joe says:

    I like the concept of Q-sert. I also really like my Geissele Mk1 rails…still niche items though and MLok is king.

  5. Israel Hoffman says:

    So are the slots on the Q-sert rails same measurements as Mlok? Would be nice to have dual functionality on 1 rail