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SOTech Builds Face Masks In Response To COVID-19 Announcement

SOTech converted part of their sewing floor this week to build face masks for local hospitals in Los Angeles that are terribly understocked in PPE.  Now that they are up to speed producing 3000 masks a day, they want to support other organizations, companies and individuals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They designed a ripstop cotton mask with a double ply forming a pocket to hold a non-medically rated disposable filter. The pocket

can also hold some models of N-95 or surgical masks made by other manufacturers. These washable covers are reusable. We are using materials common to SOTECH’s inventory – camouflage, olive and khaki tan ripstop and sheer cotton cloth. All masks include a metal nose contour piece sewn in and elastic ear loops that are one-size fits all. This elastic may or may not contain Laytex. Product is sold in mass quantities or three-packs encouraging users to wash and dry masks between uses rotating them and changing filter inserts each time.

Download pdf here.

Per FDA Guidelines: Face masks may be used when FDA cleared masks are unavailable. It is recommended against use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected. Body contacting materials include cotton cloth and elastic ear loops which may contain Laytex.

This is a one-time project only for community support until industry is able to provide adequate stocks of surgical masks and N-95 masks to first responders and the community.  Available while supplies last.  sotechtactical.com/collections/new/products/medical-protective-mask

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