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Brigantes Issue Essentials – Bolle Tactical Combat Ballistic Glasses  

Each week we bring you products that should be on all military standard issue kit lists. This week it’s Bolle Tactical Comat Ballistic Glasses.

Bollé delivers the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for performance and protection.

Their latest generation of Combat hybrid ballistic glasses complies with STANAG 4296 and EN172 goggles with a unique modular system thanks to the continuous, easily replaceable lens in the versions clear, smoked glass and CSP and the combined headband / headband system (with or without foam).

Each pair of Bolle’s ballistic glasses have had their signature platinum treatment. This permanent coating applied on both surfaces makes then highly scratch resistant (1.4 cd/m²) , gives them high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slows the appearance of fogging. In any circumstances and at every moment, Platinum provides the highest safety for eyes.

The combat glasses’ revolutionary B-Flex technology offers unique flexibility. The B-FLEX nose bridge is light, flexible & adaptable in all directions. Due to the shape memory material, it fits in all directions and to all face shapes. 

In addition to this, the combat glasses are 99.9% UVA and UVB protection.

Bolle’s CSP (comfort sensitivity perception) coating, like ESP, is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme temperature environments. Ideal for cold and hot countries, from the Far East to Siberia. CSP technology to filter blue light is combined with the exclusive Platinum coating, to sustainably combat fogging and provide permanent visual comfort from a single pair of glasses.

Bolle Tactical’s combat glasses are a perfect fit for all elements of military exercise and deployment. Combining patented technology with comfort and durability means that they are the perfect solution for the military user in any weather condition or terrain.

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