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ARA – Augmented Reality Command Control Communicate and Coordinate RECON

During SHOT Show, Quantico Tactical ran me through several new technologies. The Augmented Reality Command Control Communicate and Coordinate or ARC4 was a special pleasure because I had served in the Air Force with the SME on hand. Nate Sanders was a Combat Controller and is now working for Applied Research Associates, Inc.

I really like ARA’s Augmented Reality technology. In fact, so does the Army who awarded them a contract last year.

Instead of looking down at a map and overlay while orienting it to the ground truth in front of you, ARC4 places the information from ATAK, day or night, within your field of view. Your head is in the battle space where it belongs.

Look at an area and you will see floating icons above targets, friendlies, routes, waypoints, and more in your field of view and they track 360 deg as you scan the horizon.

Below are demonstrations.

This COTS system integrates GPS, accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, barometric presssure sensor as well as an EO camera. Output is via Day HUD or clipon for Visual Augmentation System, including Optics1’s ECOTI/ECOSI.

Don’t forget, ARC4 Recon is available for government users through Quantico Tactical.

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