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LBT x S&S Precision Teamup To Produce Medical PPE – Launch

In order to help alleviate shortages of medical PPE here in Hampton Roads, LBT Inc and S&S Precision have teamed up to produce these critical supplies.

Specifically, they are producing single-use Faceshields and reusable Face Masks. The vinyl face shield feature a closed cell foam liner and one-size-fits-all elastic headband.

While the masks are not an N95 or N95-equivalent and not designed to be a substitute for respirators, they are made from Milliken Biosmart fabric. This material incorporates a patented anti-microbial technology which enables the material to bind to chlorine in bleach when washed, creating an active barrier which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This defensive barrier is recharged with each wash in EPA-registered chlorine bleach. Sanitizing effects last up to 12 weeks with each wash and remains durable through at least 75 industrial wash cycles.

The masks also feature an internal pocket for replaceable air filters, they are designed to be worn by itself or over an N95 respirator as an additional barrier against fluids and airborne particles.

Early on, S&S Precision creates the trademark MadeInThe757 to show some pride in our local area and you see it adorned on many of their products. They had always hoped to expand its use to other companies in the defense industry and this was the perfect time to make it something bigger.

They launched the website to educate the public about defense against the COVID-19 virus and to showcase the equipment the team is producing.

Local hospitals have already placed substantial orders but the team is also making them available to the general public. Considering the CDC’s recent guideline change recommending individuals wear mask, this a welcome sight.

Orders of PPE in numbers below 100 are available through Tactical Distributors.

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