TTS: New Modular Sniper Rifle System in Bullpup Design

Dietingen/Nagold (ww): Tec Target Schneider – TTS – and their sales partner I-E-A Mil-Optics GmbH recently presented a new modular sniper rifle system in bullpup design at the GPEC show.

Several barrel lengths and calibers (currently 6 x 47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum) as well as fore-ends of different lengths are available. The rifle can be operated from both sides and can be individually adapted to the shooter. It has a three-position safety (single shot, safe/lock chamber movable, safe/lock chamber locked), a match trigger, a rear monopod and is suspended on the adjustable bipod below the center of gravity. Stainless steel barrels and surfaces are mainly DLC-coated. The magazine capacity is five cartridges.

The modular design of the rifle allows the user to change barrels in different calibres and barrel lengths himself in a few minutes.

The advantage of the bullpup system is especially obvious in the precision shooting sector. The weapon retains compact dimensions despite its precision-suited barrel length. This allows the precision shooter to transport it more inconspicuously and to reach his position undercover. Furthermore, it is easier to shoot from cramped positions or vehicles.

TTS Managing Director Hubert Schneider learned his trade in the former Mauser factories in Oberndorf. In the Swabian cradle of German hand weapons technology, he was employed in the development department of Rheinmetall Waffe und Munition GmbH until his retirement.

Sales partner for the innovative TTS weapon systems is IEA Mil-Optics GmbH from Nagold. Orders can be placed now.

The TTS Xceed  is the result of many years of experience in the development and production of sports and precision rifles. A sniper system with a wide range of technical features, modular design and extensive adjustment options.

· Toolless adjustable ergonomics
· Longitudinally adjustable shoulder rest with height-adjustable recoil pad
· quick and fine adjustable monopod
· quick adjustable cheek piece
· Glove suitable trigger
· travel, force, pressure point and trigger force adjustable
· Change of barrel (various calibers) within minutes
· Locking directly in the liner via six lugs in two rows
· Three-position safety blocks the chamber and trigger
· Adaption possibilities through MLOK at the bottom of the barrel jacket
· Single row steel magazine for five cartridges
· Muzzle flash hider made of DLC-coated titanium
· Scope mount especially suitable for long range
· Fixed mounting of optics and NATO rail to carry a night vision intensifier in front of riflescope
· Height and length adjustable bipod suspends the rifle’s weight below the bipod mount, can be operated with one hand and silently
· High quality special coating of all weapon parts
· System housing made of high-strength aluminium
· Special coated barrel in stainless steel

Compact rifle all calibres Including .338: Length 875 mm barrel length 515 mm

Standard rifle: Length 1.030 mm, barrel length 670 mm

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