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Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept Deploys 7,500 of SOTech’s First Responder Face Cover

After a 3-week crash development of their new First Responder Face Cover, SOTech has delivered 7,500 face covers to the LASD, multiple US military units, numerous smaller police departments, and other first responder organizations across the United States.  After offering their Gen 1 mask, SOTech was approached by local law enforcement personnel with decades of experience in development for what turned into all hours sampling, field testing, concept meetings, and material searches.  The only bright side was the near empty LA freeways that facilitated the meetings.  The final model was presented to the LASD and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Relief Fund purchased 7,500 units which were made in 3 days and deployed with clockwork efficiency.

What’s unique in this design is the ripstop cotton cover that comes loaded with washable reusable non-woven liners.  This forms a durable mask that can be worn comfortably throughout a shift and is expected to last the duration of the pandemic response with washing and rotating of liners. The most complimented feature of the mask are the long elastic head straps tightened by cord locks. And as part of the strategic goal of the program, SOTech has partnered with a group that is bringing in an N-95 mask machine to produce filters that can insert into this mask.  Additionally, the cover in its current configuration can fit over most N-95 rated masks, providing an abrasion barrier that can extend the lifespan of the government issued N-95s.  SOTech is also working with a group that is working on mask sterilization technology.

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The final advantage is its simplicity and its resultant low cost.  At $6 agency price, this is a product designed so that organziations under stress can afford to equip their entire staff, and officers can buy from the website,, to equip their families.

SOTech is manufacturing these First Responder Face Covers as face masks under current FDA guidelines, and they should not be used in surgical environments.

In the midst of the marathon product development project, SOTech staff also proudly produced masks donated to local hospitals and elderly veterans.  To learn the story, check out:

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