SIGMA 50 Hoodie by the Spindle Collective

SIGMA 50 is a crowdfunded Kevlar Reinforced Hoodie with EDC Pockets for Blade Enthusiasts by the Spindle Collective.

It doesn’t look particularly special or high-tech, but that’s then point. Billed as the “world’s toughest hoodie” the SIGMA 50 is made in the USA. It features secret pockets and is made from a heavyweight blended cotton fabric, reinforced with several feet of Kevlar threading, with the hood joint is further reinforced with a durable piped seam.

Hidden pockets behind the front handwarmer a don’t print and make pickpocketing extremely difficult, and provide a safe spot for travel documents, tickets, passports, wallets and currency.

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One Response to “SIGMA 50 Hoodie by the Spindle Collective”

  1. Jose Quintavious says:

    XL=46 Chest? I was a 46 in grade school. Are these made for Chinese people or Americans without any muscle?

    Junk, made for sissies, by sissies.