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Woobie USA x Bawidamann Tribe Throw Blanket – Aloha Now

The new Aloha Now pattern developed by artist Andrew Bawidamann for OTTE Gear is now available as a poncho liner-style throw blanket from Woobie USA.

The pattern is based on Vietnam-era Tigerstripe Camouflage with water lilies and Hueys, F5s, B-52s, and River Boats hidden in the pattern.

Offered in Green or Blue variants.

These 82” x 58” blankets are machine washable and made from a 100% polyester batting sandwiched between 100% ripstop polyester/nylon shell fabric. Assembled in USA.


One Response to “Woobie USA x Bawidamann Tribe Throw Blanket – Aloha Now”

  1. SShink says:

    Those look an awful. lot like F-4 Phantoms…not F5s