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Operator Watch Band by Ventumgear

Germany’s Ventumgear makes watch bands for the Apple Watch. Called the Operator Watch Band, they are made from nylon with a steel ring and Velcro closure and fit the Apple Watch 42/44mm.

Owner Max Shwegl tells us that he is considering expanding the watch bands to Garmin soon.

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns from

In the US, visit

12 Responses to “Operator Watch Band by Ventumgear”

  1. bob says:

    Would be up for one of these for the Garmin Instinct if made…

  2. Jeb says:

    Suunto? I’d buy now for a Suunto band.

  3. Mike says:

    Nice as a fashion item, but some of us don’t own Apple/smart watches because we can’t wear them in the buildings where we work. Don’t want to take the chance of forgetting to take it off and then having a lot of paperwork to do…

    • mike says:

      The number of people who wear Apple watches far exceeds the number of people who can specifically not wear them for security concerns.

      But since you brought it up, what kind of watch DO you wear? Maybe the manufacturer will see an opportunity to expand to the watch you wear.

      • Iggy says:

        Please suunto. Crap bands have always been a major weak point. I used to spent as much replacing the bands as I had on the watch itself so switched to garmin as it felt like a wrought.

  4. JR says:

    The US order site is

    There is a much smaller selection at this time, however the MC Black band is available and I have ordered it.

  5. Jeff S says:

    Just ordered the wolf gray… Should get to me fairly quick here in the NL.