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MATBOCK Monday – Medical Backdraft

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday,

Developed in coordination with some of the leading medics and combat first responders, the MATBOCK Backdraft is for small teams with relatively quick access to higher levels of care. The unit mounts on the back of the plate carrier via MATBOCK Ghost Tabs and is split into 2 separate removable pouches that are held in place via Velcro. The unit was designed to split medical equipment between bleeding and airway and is run in this setup by different units.

The bottom of each pouch is attached to an adjustable lanyard that connects to the side panel of the plate carrier. When the operator requires the contents of one of the pouches, he or she simply pulls the lanyard, releasing that pouch.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday at 4:30 PM EST as Jim and Casey conduct a live demonstration of the Medical Backdraft and answer all of your questions.

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