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Med Mag PillPack from SOAR Rescue

These days, almost everyone carries some from of IFAK, but the contents are generally focused on trauma. There’s not a lot of stuff you’ll use day-to-day, and even if there is, it’s all packed so tightly, you’d never get it all back together if you took out just a couple of tablets.

Enter the Med Mag PillPack from SOAR Rescue. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you had it. It’s packed with stuff you’ll need and meant to be used. The 10mil thick bag features a side, waterproof zipper for easy access. Plus, it’s sized to fit in an Ammo pouch, which is easy to get ahold of and tends to be a pouch chosen based on personal preference.

• Acetaminophen x 4
• Ibuprofen x 4
• Diphenhydramine x 4
• Loperamide x 4
• Bismuth Subsylicate x 2
• Multi-System Cold x 4
• Burn Cream x 2
• Triple Antibiotic Cream x 4
• Hydrocortisone Cream x 4
• Band-Aids x 4
• Eye Drops x 2

9 Responses to “Med Mag PillPack from SOAR Rescue”

  1. some other joe says:

    Based on the first pic, we’re moving something that should be in the 2nd line to 1st line gear….

    This is a good organizational product, particularly if the organizational aids are fully reusable/refillable, but I can’t justify putting aspirin in a dedicated carrier in my fighting load. Materiel solution does not comport with doctrine or training.

    • SSD says:

      You just use the pouch, you don’t have to put it up front.

    • Mike says:

      Sized for a mag pouch doesn’t mean it can only go in mag pouches. Use your critical thinking skills and you might become more than just “some other joe.”

      • some other joe says:

        I criticized the advertising and branding, not the product itself.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Basic snivel meds, not a bad idea, our 18Ds used to make these up for each team guy to keep with their gear whether deployed or not.

  3. Brian says:

    I use a small white plastic bandaid container I got out of the travel section at Target for the same thing. I keep a couple doses of common meds in there. It is really handy to keep with you.

  4. JK says:

    This is super handy and something that most guys don’t realize how critical it is until your in the field and having..issues.. the comment about it not being a good idea to put this in your mag pouch…way to go Carl… haha, anyways, one of my favorite IFAKs is the phokus kit that fits up in your plate carrier behind your plate, this would complement that IFAK perfectly. Yes, you can make this easily, for all of the items it will cost you around $60-$80 to get generic store brand items, and then you will need to make little vacuum packed bags and label them.. I’ve done it for the guys on my team in case I’m not readily available or have my hands busy….

  5. JeffG says:

    So Med Mag Pill pack sounds just like issued pill pack that provides antibiotics after you get shot. Sorry to see, when looking at the contents its a repackaged 1st aid kit you can find in the camping section of Walmart.

  6. Papa6 says:

    I tend to like these Med Mags from SOAR. I agree, these are “nice to have” meds. It would be really cool if the outer cover had a “zip-lock” opening or at least an enclosed “zip-lock” bag that the unused components could be placed into after opening the main bag.