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KiloNiner Pets – FR1 Respirator Mask for Humans

KiloNiner Pets has introduced a product for humans, the FR1 Respirator Mask.

It features adjustable ear loops and comes with 4x interchangeable Activated Carbon Filters, a breathing valve and the same color scheme to match your pets Cooling Shemagh.

Get yours at kiloninerpets.com/products/fr1-respirator-mask.

And oh yeah, Andrew says “Hi” to everyone.


11 Responses to “KiloNiner Pets – FR1 Respirator Mask for Humans”

  1. AJ says:

    Who makes that tiger stripe polo? Looks awesome!

  2. Lad says:

    Unfortunately the exhaust valve defeats the purpose. Make those without the valve and if could be cool!

    • Jeremy says:

      If there was a way to make sure only healthy people used them, breathing valves would be great. But since most of the people I know where asymptomatic, these masks are probably more dangerous than helpful by creating a false sense of safety.

    • Jeremy says:

      These would work for people who don’t have the virus. But most people I know who have tested positive were either asymptomatic, or had very mild symptoms and continued working. Masks like this probably do more harm than good, by creating a false sense of security.

  3. The guy in the pic/KiloNiner shill says:

    In response to Lad

    KiloNiner says:
    All they have to do is tape it over. Remove it and seal it if they like.
    Also there’s fabric then a 5 layer filter then another fabric before an exhale reaches the valve.
    Mask Comes with PMI 2.5 inserts that sits in a pocket in the mask behind the valve

    • Mike says:

      I typed up a real nice response, but if it isn’t obvious how stupid a valve on a mask is, then I doubt anything I’d say would matter.

      Good luck cashing in during a pandemic, manufactured or not.

      • JK says:

        If I’m reading that post above correctly, the valve doesn’t actually act as a valve. You still exhale through the fabric layers as well as the filter.

    • Rat says:

      If the exhaust is direct, the mask is ineffective. If the exhaust goes through five layers of filter fabric first, then it is just an unnecessary cosmetic gadget. In either case, I don’t want one.

  4. Papa6 says:

    Dang, I didn’t realize we had so many medical professionals viewing this site.

    Back to the first question; that shirt?