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Sons of Liberty Gun Works Build Video

One at time, by one of our talented craftsman. The birth of a blaster. From our family to yours. Enjoy!


10 Responses to “Sons of Liberty Gun Works Build Video”

  1. PTM says:

    So they assemble parts? Or do they make any of those parts?

    • PNWTO says:

      If you take the time to search for yourself then you will see they do manufacturer some items in-house and, like every other AR company, contract out some machining to one of the places that does it for everybody.

      • Aye says:

        But how will he talk shit on the internet about a company he doesn’t know anything about if he does research first?

        • PNWTO says:

          Uninformed shit-talking is what Paul McCain does best when he isn’t getting banned from forums for shady sales scamming.

    • Aaron Orr says:

      Does who OEM the part matter when the SOLGW is the one covering the warranty on the components they sell?

  2. Amer-Rican says:

    SOLGW appears to be a company I’ll be buying from unless it turns out one of their owners is a supporter of Democrats, like with Springfield Armory, and Benchmade Knives.

    It’s reported SOLGW also has a Veteran as one of its owners so that’s a great factor.

    The Founding Fathers told us we’d need to be vigilant to keep our Republic so it’s important we hold the gun industry to American values and not let them violate the People’s trust.

    • Ed says:

      100% agree Brother! Don’t forget Team Wendy. I wonder if TW will stop supplying helmets to DHS after seeing the Fed-Officers in Portland rocking some. TW and the rest

      • Amer-Rican says:

        Let’s not forget the communist O-light and HoloSun brands.

      • What? says:

        Drop the crackpipe, crackhead.

        • Ed says:

          I’m sorry to hear you’re a crackhead, says what? I hope you get help, life is too short to be messing with drugs these days!

          “Because FUCK your feelings!”