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Introducing the Terrain 365 STS-AT Framelock Folder

Rustproof, Versatile, Backcountry-Utility, Framelock Folder


On Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 Terrain 365™ launches their STS-AT framelock folder. A modern, technical, framelock folder featuring a distinct clip point blade inspired by the classic Loveless chute knife. Featuring their rustproof and edge-holding Terravantium™ blade, this folder is a cutting tool capable from S.ea T.o S.ummit and anything in between. The “AT” designation for Terrain 365’s folders indicates a build that uses 100% non-ferrous alloys, are non-magnetic and rustproof. Like the core philosophy behind the classic chute knife, the STS-AT is designed to be a highly capable and versatile folder for use in the wilderness, and for EDC.

The rustproof STS-AT will be available in several handle material variants from Terrain 365.

The team at Terrain 365 states,

“The STS-AT not only draws its blade shape inspiration from the Loveless chute, but also its intent. An edged tool that is highly versatile and capable in a wide range of environments and conditions as required by Harry Archer, another legendary figure and the man who initially commissioned the chute knife idea to Loveless. Archer required a knife that could be used for cutting parachute lines, wilderness survival, personal safety, and more; and also do so in demanding, rough environments. With a rustproof Terravantium™ blade, all non-ferrous and non-magnetic components down to the custom turned titanium machined screws and ceramic bearings, the STS-AT is a folding knife that is impervious to rust in any wilderness conditions on land or in water. A highly reliable and capable tool for your next adventure be it at the top of your favorite local peak, fishing spot or even remote, unknown, far away and dangerous places.”

The Terrain 365™ STS-AT will be available for $395.00 for the all titanium handle, $379.00 for the Black G10 variant and an OD Green G10 variant (an exclsuive edition for Prometheus Design Werx), at noon Pacific on their website Tuesday, August 4th, 2020.

4 Responses to “Introducing the Terrain 365 STS-AT Framelock Folder”


    Really like this offering. Do you know if the OD version will also have the OD coating on the blade? Thanks for sharing this info! Knife coverage on SSD is always top notch!

    • Simon Mead says:

      No, PDW Exclusive just has OD G10 on one side and probs a PDW Stamp somewhere

  2. honkmother says:

    That’s a lot of nice features I’d like in an izula type fixed blade.

    • XC says:

      Check out the Element Bravo HD fixed blade by Terrain 365, but you can’t use the cobalt blade to start sparks on a firestriker