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Shield Your Eyes With The Oakley Clear Collection

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 — For over 20 years, Oakley Standard Issue has developed lenses for our nation’s Military and First Responders, with the highest standard in clarity and protection. The Oakley Clear Collection expands years of development into an assortment of sport performance and lifestyle frames with clear and photochromic lenses. We understand the importance of safety equipment and appreciate the considerations of our essential workers.

In recent months, the wellbeing of frontline essential workers has become paramount. Terms such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Body Substance Isolation (BSI) are now commonplace. Oakley Standard Issue (OSI) has been providing protection eyewear for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders for well over 20 years. With numerous products on the certified lists for conventional military and Special Operations Forces, now is the time to expand this collection to offer a more diverse assortment of eyewear to those that need it most.

Legacy products such as the Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame are within the collection. With an anti-fog coating, M Frame meets both high impact and high velocity impact requirements for ANSI Z87.1 and MIL SPEC. Another feature included in the M Frame is the Gasket. The Gasket is a small rubber insert that is ideal for keeping out dust or debris.

Additionally, the assortment includes a variety of Photochromic lens options. Ideal for anyone transition between light environments, Photochromic changes rapidly and even adjusts to the surrounding light. These lenses are supported with a variety of sport frames to include Radar, Jawbreaker, and EV Zero.

Lastly, OSI offers select frames with Prizm Low Light lenses. Prizm Lens Technology, now authorized for wear on the Special Operations Eyewear Program (SOEP), maintains a low visual light transmission while enhancing select colors. These lenses are perfect for anyone working in a health care setting where you might experience significant fluorescent lighting.

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3 Responses to “Shield Your Eyes With The Oakley Clear Collection”

  1. jjfool says:

    Oakley owns ESS, who already makes good ballistic eye pro. So they’re undercutting themselves? And not offering any new LASER blocking lenses? Smooth move.

    • Papa6 says:

      Oakley has laser blocking lenses for sale on their SI website.

    • bob says:

      They’re all owned by Luxottica. Nearly the entire industry from retail stores to brands, to manufacturing is owned by Luxottica. No matter what you buy, they win.