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MEGINGJÖRÐ – AIWB Specific Concealed Carry Belt Ver 4

According to Old Norse, the Megingjörð (pronounced Meg-in-ye-ord) is the name of the belt worn by Thor, which translates into “power-belt.”. It’s designed specifically for AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) carry.

V Development Group selected two different materials, one for its rigidity to keep the pistol where it belongs and one for its pliability to save an aching back.


5 Responses to “MEGINGJÖRÐ – AIWB Specific Concealed Carry Belt Ver 4”

  1. Jeremy P says:

    Interesting design. I actually wore a hole in an office chair with the back of my Ares belt, and since I started carrying AIWB the cobra buckle itself prints unless I offset it way off to the side. Definitely checking this product out.

  2. Kevin says:

    I have the v3 of this belt and it is the most comfortable belt for AIWB.

  3. Daniel says:

    Do they have a version that is in just black, or is it only camo for this run? The belt looks great, it just isn’t practical for me to wear a camo belt.

    • Vdmsr says:

      Black run coming soon.

      • Scott says:

        Can’t wait. This in black looks to be exactly what I’m looking for, especially for AIWB under scrubs or gym clothes. I’ll be checking the website often for it to be available.